Saturday, October 4, 2008

The one where I blog about a television show

After my last post I learned that I have something in common with so many of you sweet bloggers..."Friends"!!

Oh so many of you!

And then fellow bloggers Erin and Heather shared some recent Friends love on their blogs and that stirred up some Friends memories...and well we need to have a Friends chat because it's been a long 4 years. Am I right?

I mentioned in my previous post that I usually fall asleep to a DVD and a good majority of the time it's one of these.

Here's the ole' gang. Notice the lovingly-used-worn-out appearance they hold.

Anyone remember the day the season finale aired?

I got pulled over for speeding that evening rushing home to watch it. I think the cop thought I was crying because of the ticket, but the emotions of preparing to loose some dear buds on Thursday evening were taking over instead.

And what extensively long post about a television show wouldn't be complete with out a favorites list. Here's my top 5. Be sure that you comment and leave me yours.

1. The One with the Apothecary Table
2. The One with the Prom Video
3. The One where Phoebe Hates PBS
4. The One with Ross's Tan
5. The One with Ross's Sandwhich

I think I might laminate this list now.


Little Steps Of Faith said...

Laminate LOL love it....!!! So an inside joke:)

Here are my favs....

1. The one with the Jellyfish
2. The one with the list
3. The one with Princess Consuela
4. The one with the blackout
5. The one where nana dies twice

Yea:) They rocked!

and whatever one smelly cat was on of course!!!

love ya:)

Whitney said...

Oh wow! You love FRIENDS more than me because I don't know the names of the episodes....

Carrie said...

I love Friends so much when it went off the air it was like losing some of my real Friends. All I have to say about my favorite is Pivot Piiiivvooot I was in the floor! I have the trivia game we should play sometime. lol

Erin said...

FRIENDS!! there's nothing better. seriously.

I have yet to decide on my top episodes... but I do have many favorite moments. Pheobe singing "hold me close young Tony Danza" and "the routine" being among those.

Laurin R. Kelly said...

I let a friend borrow season one of One Tree Hill (My guilty pleasure) and it came back missing a disc and beaten...I was very sad but I still love her to this day!!

Page said...

oh, those are all such great ones! I can't think of the names of them specifically (and I'm too lazy to get up right now and look), but I loved the PIVOT episode with Ross. Rob and I do that all the time together. Poor Rob doesn't even like Friends but knows so many of the episodes from me making him watch! LOL!

Jessica said...

Thanks for the sweet advice! I can't wait to put it in my baby book! : )

M said...

I let my friend borrow my seasons of Gilmore Girls (which, I suppose, is to me what Friends is to you) and she lost it on the way home. I didn't know until she told me as she handed me a new disc set she'd bought. I felt so bad for her. Those are expensive!

My favorite Friends are the prom video one, the one where no one is ready, the one where they go to Montauk, and so many more...

kahlua's mommy said...

My sister was on a few episodes of Friends... the ones where Joey was Dr. Drake Ramoray!

Cant Hardly Wait said...

Friends is the best show ever. Ugh. Now I am depressed.

Heather said...

OH, I am laughing so hard right now! You crack me up and I knew just reading the title that this was going to be one of my favorites of your post!
I miss Friends so dearly...and I love all the episodes, but here are a few favs:
1. The one where no one is ready.
2. The one with Rachel's big Kiss
3. The one with Phoebe's Uterus
4. The one Hundredth
5. The one with all the football!
I could go on....and on...and on!
You have made me so happy with this post!
OH- and don't forget "The one where they all find out!"

Leigh said...

Thanks so much for attending Jessica's virtual shower on my blog. Have a wonderful week!
Leigh, Tales of Bloggeritaville.

Leigh said...

BTW-smelly cat, smelly cat...waht are they feeding you?

Natalie said...

I watch Friends EVERY DAY! It comes on twice at 6 and 6:30 so while I'm cooking dinner, I'm always watching it. I still laugh out loud at so many things! It makes me so happy!

Kristin @ Blue Skies said...

My absolute favorite "Friends" episode is..."The One with Chandler in a Box". Joey had his reasons. They were threefold. HA!

Page said...

ooohh, i thought of another one! The one where the girls loose their apartment to the guys. That is probably my favorite episode!

VanderbiltWife said...

My DH and I never really watched friends when it was on originally (occasionally), so now we've been watching the whole series on DVD. We're on season 7. All those you mentioned are great episodes!! It was my senior beach week in college when the finale aired and I definitely remember all of us huddled around the little beach house TV. :)