Tuesday, March 22, 2011

a few thoughts

1. Thank you all for your sweet comments on pug.  My poor little anxious pug.  I've been reading my vet recommended pamphlets and re-potty training this week.  He's been a little calmer...I say little because that Febreeze commerical with it's stupid whistling sent him into a flying tizzy.  Also, I feel compelled to add in that I really hope I'm not changing anyone's mind about getting a dog or pug for that matter.  I don't think they're all this crazy.  And I'd totally do it again in a heartbeat because his little bug eyes and curly tail just melt my heart.  He's the sweetest!

2. Oh and more on that beam that came through our window.  It could have been worse...I can't complain...just laugh about it now.  My favorite part was that I stood their for a few minutes in complete shock of the crazy mess and thought surely someone should have come rung my door bell by now...but no one did.  So I go out there and their all busy working away like nothing happened.  They stopped when they saw a crazy blond woman flailing her arms hollering "el window is brokeno!!" At that moment I regretted taking that 7 am spanish class in college that I may or may not have dozed off in.  And by the end of the day and all glass I had been picked up...I told boy I think I'm done playing grown-up and I need to go back to Barbie's dream house asap.

3. Is anyone watching "Celebrity Apprentice"...I love it!!  It is truly a runaway train this year with quite a cast of characters on board.  I hope Busey stays on a little longer because I need to hear some more of his word definitions.  He fascinates me.

4. I just finished Pioneer Woman's "Black Heels to Tractor Wheels" and it was delicious!  A perfect read over a relaxing weekend.  Do pick it up if you haven't.

And that is all friends!


Erin said...

I just got Pioneer Woman's book in the mail a couple days ago. Can't wait to start it! And poor pug. Hope he starts feeling back to normal soon!

Courtney said...

Just stumbled across you blog and love it! I'm getting a ridiculous amount of joy from watching Celeb Apprentice, too funny:)

A well dezigned life. said...

I finished the book last night! Its was so cute!!
Hope pug is better.
Our pug is crazy too and if I could have 16 of them I would.

d.a.r. said...

Pugs are just neurotic lil' creatures by nature. Chief is afraid of towels. And hair brushes. And really really afraid of ziplock bags. She is a nut.

sara said...

Oh, your sweet little pug! I hope things continue to improve. It never ceases to amaze me what little things can set dogs off, my Lab included! I hope all is well - sorry I have been MIA in my blog commenting. I had baby #2 a few weeks ago and am just now getting back into blogging!