Thursday, March 17, 2011

my anxious pug

First:  How was your St. Patty's Day?  I would like to confess that I did not wear green at all.  I really don't look good in it or own anything green now that I think about it.  Oh and boy has his St. Patty's tradition of watching "The Departed", but this year he didn't watch it because of a late meeting so I'm not sure what this means.

Second: The vet robbed me blind today...again.  I've mentioned that pug has been doing a lot of tt'ing in the house lately.  At first I thought he was just doing it because he enjoys watching me pull out my hair every time I have to clean it up, but then talking to my aunt she suggested we make sure it's not something medical like a urinary tract infection. 

Did you know dogs can get these?

I did not.

I bet it's in that manual I never got around to reading though.

So, I made an appointment for him today.  They wanted me to just drop him off so they could run some tests and then I'd come back and pick him up.  Perfect I thought I can get all my errands run.  But we show up and I guess his nurse didn't get the same memo because she was appalled I was just dropping him off and so I my plans quickly changed and I felt like a mama that didn't show up for her kid's first play.

Oh and did I mention I hadn't eaten anything yet.

So pug and I are shuffled into a 2x2 room full of cat posters.  And we wait.

And the appointment was full of lots of pug wrangling and treat bribery.

And then they'd disappear for long periods of time and pug and I are just left to stare at one another wishing he could playing 20 questions or tic tac toe.

And he's got his pitiful face on and I'm tempted to eat a dog biscuit because I am starving and growing increasingly claustrophobic.

Thankfully, it's was not a urinary tract infection, he's just stressed.  I know I crack jokes at pug a lot on the blog and even to his face, but in all seriousness poor little guy has had a rough month.  There's a house being built by us and we recently had a large beam from said house fall and come crashing into a bedroom shattering everything.

We were very grateful no one was hurt.  But the crash was loud enough that I'm pretty sure both pug and myself peed our pants.  So with the construction mess and multiple people coming in through the house for repairs, add the fact he's seriously territorial, and the recent Sheen phrase "winning"...he's just beat.

So 2 hours later we leave with a phamplet on having a territorial pug, empty pockets and some anxiety medication.

Which I was tempted try myself when I finally got to the car.

Gotta love these pugs!


Wilma said...

Poor baby, and I'm sorry to hear about pug. LOL! Really though, I feel your pain. Sluggo is a very territorial and nervous boy. Any disruption in his routine or other stressor he is spritzing all over the place. Let us know how you has tried a lot of things, but no meds so far.

Page said...

that post is hilarious!! except for the part about a beam coming through your house...yikes!! poor pug...sounds like he has a lot in common with my sela, anxiety wise. hey, though, at least he didn't have to get his nails clipped! ;)

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

Your poor pug! I wonder if stress is my dogs problem because he NEVER messes in the house, but lately has decided that peeing on the bed in the guest room is acceptable. NOT cool. Especially since I don't go in there very often so who know's how long it's been by the time I find the tell tale stain on the WHITE comforter.

Lauren said...

Poor pugster and poor wallet :(

flip flops on lex said...

Wait... When did you have BEAM come through your HOUSE?!

(Hope you and pug feel better!)

d.a.r. said...

OMG!!! A BEAM in your house?!?! I am so sorry!! I hope things get cleaned up/taken care of quickly and that poor Pug can relax on his couch soon.

MJ said...

poor thing :( you never think of dogs getting stressed but it makes sense that it would happen! i hope he gets to feeling better soooooon and i also hope you ate something other than a milkbone

melhuff said...

I am so sorry about your rough day! And for Pug's anxiety. Poor guy. Hope all is better soon!