Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Tag you're It

Ms. Tam over at InProgress has tagged me to provide y'all with 7 random things about me. This outta be fun and a little embarrassing.

Here's the rules:
Link to the person that tagged you.
Share 7 random or weird facts about yourself.
Tag 7 people with their links at the end of the post then scout them out and let them know they've been tagged.

So here goes. Beware you may think less of me at the end of this.

1. I sleep with a blanket. Oh yes not just bedding an actually blanket, binkie, lovey yadda yadda I've had for decades. Go ahead laugh about the grown up with a blanket. It looks like it's been through a war, but it's so comforting to have. Boy laughs consistently at the fact that he is married to a woman with a blanket.

2. I can't fall asleep without the tv on. Praise the Lord that my husband is the same way. But college was rough with a roommate that needed total silence. It's a horrible habit I know that started in High School. We usually fall asleep to a comedy or a sitcom on Nick @ Nite. Definitely no crime shows.

3. I hate pie. Just not a huge fan of the taste of the crust. Give me a chocolate chip cookie instead and I'll be one happy girl.

4. Growing up I wanted to be a flight attendant. Some kids want to be doctors or astronauts. I wanted to wear the navy skirt with heels and hand out peanuts and cokes. Never became a flight attendant by the way.

5. I love the color blanket. Okay I know it's a shade rather than a color. I'm not gothic. I just have blonde hair and love wearing a cute black top with black heels. It's classy. Although at one garage sale on lady came up and asked if there were any other color tops besides black.

6. I hate playdoh. The smell makes me gag and the texture feels so weird. I'm going to make a horrible mom with that one.

7. I love doing meme's but hate asking people to do them for fear they may hate me so sorry if I tag you. Don't hate me :-)

Here's who I tag...sorry.
Kellys Korner
Flying Mum
Pug Posse
Okay seriously, it's hard finding friends to do this because everyone is either already tagged or done it.


♥PugPosse♥ said...

Oh I LOVE these!!! Thanks for tagging me!
Play Dough....Ugh me too! YUCK
my daughter has my blanket I had growing up..she is 14 and still brings it to all her sleepovers...she is not ashamed of having a blanket at her fact I have a friend in her 3o's that still has one too...she needs to smell it everyday to get though her day...
Oh I LOVE Pie! Shame on you!! LOL

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

Girl, I already did this one in August. I tried to cut & paste the link here, but couldn't!

I wish I had a blankie!

Jessica said...

Found you through Kelly's Corner- What a cute blog you have! : )

Jessica said...

We just built this house this summer. We have had fun painting! I think July- September has some fun shots of the house as we were moving in.

Ivy Vega said...

Coming over from Tammi's blog. I got to agree with the black tops, I love them too..

Tam said...

You're such a great sport Girl!

I used to lick play dough when I was a "kid"'s salty!

Erin said...

I have to have a pillow to hug when I fall asleep. It doesn't matter what pillow, I just have to have one.
That's sort of like a blanket...