Monday, November 12, 2007

Christmas Shopping Carnival Whoa!!

Oh, I love me some Christmas shopping. I love getting and giving friends and family something unique each year, so the Christmas Shopping Carnival is such a great idea. Here are some items that I think you all may enjoy.

1. Tyler Candles Tyler Candles- These I actually love to keep on hand because you never know when someone may stop by with a gift and you didn't know you were exchanging gifts and now you don't have anything for them, but gets these and then you actually have something to give back. It's an akward moment. The 3.4 oz. candles are only $5.50 and are amazing. I always have either "Diva" or "High Maintence" lit in my own home. Truly the best candles I've ever found.

2. The Crayon Keeper- The perfect gift for kiddos. I'm handing this out for Christmas this year. It is so stinkin' cute y'all. It comes with 32 crayons and was super expensive. I had to get a little creative this year because I know the mamas get real sick of all the toys they make sounds, so I can't wait to give this.

3. Vinyl Attractions- This is a fun gift. I bought one for myself a little bit back while we were building our home. I had a scripture done and then one day came into the room and found that pug had eaten it before it even got up on the wall. Yes, he ate a scripture. So I do not have one for myself now, but these are really fun gifts for moms, sisters, and grandmas. Something very different.

4. Whomi- my ultimate favorite. I love my whomi!! I tossed my palm pilot long ago because this planner rocks. Great gift since a new year is just around the corner.

5. PSA Essentials- And last but not least. My heart skips a beat when I talk about PSA Essential's stampers. They are so sweet and fun! Just love these!

There are so many more I could list all day. Hope this helps. I also can't forget to mention a great resource etsy. There are some great finds here. Happy shopping friends!!


Kelly said...

Great ideas - thanks for the links!

The Brandes Family said...

Love your ideas!

LOVE your blog header too!!!

Tam said...

I'm sorry...I tagged you...(head hangs low)

heidi said...

love your list! thanks for sharing!