Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The missing phone

We have a missing phone.

It's somewhere around the house.

But it's battery is dead.

Are y'all feeling this familiar woe?

Hardly anyone ever calls on the house phone except the telemarketers, parents and Judy. So, it's not an urgent need with 2 other phones still kicking. It would just be nice. The other night I decided to begin an extensive search. I began with the sofa cushions, then underneath the sofa, then under the bed, in the office, the spare rooms and then the car. Yes, the car because there was that one embarrassing time where I was talking on the home phone and was very deep into a conversation. I wish I could tell you that the conversation was on something really theological, but I doubt it got further than the discussion of what kind of car Angelina Jolie must drive with all those kids. Would you fall of your seat if I told you I graduated cum laude? Yes, it is so. So, I got halfway down the street and turned around when the connection was lost. Don't judge, we all have our days.

But my search proved useless. I came up with nothing just some dog toys, an empty water bottle and some dust. And back on the to-do list the missing phone goes.


tysdaddy said...

Did you check the refrigerator?

I did that once . . .

Erin said...

I don't ever use the house phone.

So I am not lying when I say that I lost a house phone for a couple YEARS.

(and the comment above about the fridge? I found my car keys there one time.)

The Roaming Southerner said...

I am still missing a receiver from our house phone. That was 2 moves ago...and it was never found!

Maybe our receivers are having a playdate

Kristin said...

My problem is I walk around with my phone in my hand and then freak out when I can't find the phone! It's happened many times on my way out the door :)

I tagged you on my blog ;)

Allikaye's Mama said...

Ha! We DO have a lot in common...I haven't lost a phone like that - but I can be spacey at times! I started walking in to Target with the car still running... Have you found it yet?

Scrapper Mom said...

Don't feel bad. We all have our moments. One time I got in our van and realized I forgot something in the house, so I got back out and attempted to unlock the back door with my van remote! My son was hollering at me, wondering what I was doing! Now, that's spacey! hee. hee.