Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Pug Proofed

Y'all make me smile.

I should go ahead and apologize for the false hope of yesterday's blog title. I hadn't even put the two together until I read the comments. And they made me laugh.

But the talk of kids does provide a great intro into today's post...and no we are not having one anytime soon. In fact I think I might have to push my biological clock back 10 more years after a recent trip to Babies "R" Us to get an item off a friends registry. Although the cute itty bitty shoes melt my heart, the bottle aisle filled with preggars and their registry scanners really wore me out. A gazillion brands of bottles and then since when did baby bottles come in levels?...oh yeah and some of the levels carry toxins. Needless to say I opted for a less intimidating item off the list and headed across the street for a Chick-fil-a Dr. Pepper. Because I earned it.

And to solve the pressures of family events and the burning question everyone asks, boy and I have decided to make shirts to solve that. We are down to..."Your kids will babysit our kids..."If you ask we will give your kid candy"...and my favorite "10 more years of sleeping in". Now y'all don't be stealing my ideas, or if you do send me a free shirt. I look good in black.

Anyway, back to my original post. Have I mentioned that my house if fully baby/pug proofed. This really throws repair folks and visitors off when they come in, see the baby gates and say "oh how old is your kid?" and I reply "36 months and he's four-legged". The look is truly priceless as they figure that one out. And then they meet pug and it makes way too much sense as he proceeds to show off his unlimited supply of energy. This past year we really had to cut-off pug's roaming square footage so I added some double-door latches and blocked off the upstairs so he could no longer sit at the top of the stairs and mock me pretending like he hadn't just destroyed something.

I think I have finally out smarted him.


Faithful 2 U said...

My hubby wants a pug so bad!

tysdaddy said...

Aww. You're crushing is poor doggy self-esteem!


Faithful, if you're from the state of MN or thereabouts, I can hook you up with my in-laws. They breed pugs . . . Happy shopping!

fortyb4forty said...

We have baby gates to keep our two pugs in the back half of the house. If they get near the front door or front windows they bark forever.

Carrie said...

Check out my blog I just gave you an award!

Erin said...

You are so witty. Your posts always make me smile.

Oh, and I totally understand. Pugs can be way worse than actual children.

Kristin said...

Love the shirt ideas!

And, I officially deem you my best friend because you immediately went for a Chick-fil-A Dr. Pepper! A girl after my own heart :) Although it must be a LARGE, otherwise why bother?!