Monday, June 23, 2008

Goodbye Graham

Okay, so I've been looking forward to tonight's Bachelorette since...well the beginning of this season. I love the hometown dates I tell you! And today I was gone all afternoon and thought I had seasoned passed all the episodes with Tivo. Well it was not. Tivo why can't you read my mind?? I had a pretty good inkling driving home that I had messed up and it was not being recorded. So I speed hoping to catch as much as I could, but I had already missed an hour. Bummer!

So this is going to be a partial discussion until the episode gets posted on the website. Sorry...I think if there was a fan club and I was a little off my rocker and was a member than this would get me kicked out.

So I picked up right when DeAnna meets up with Jason. And when they head over to meet Ty, his son, could we so not have just added some wedding bells and ended it there? The tears would not stop flowing as he ran to meet his son. I'm a sucker for dad's crying. Gets me every time. So I'm sitting there, tears flowing, waiting for her to go find a rosebush and pick a rose and say here "will you except this final rose...marry me". So that did not happen. But his family was adorable along with his son. Pick him DeAnna!

I hated that she had to go meet Graham. He's extremely easy on the eyes, but she might as well be talking to a brick wall. And was that not a tiny bit odd that he gave her a jersey with his last name on it? I loved his family, but the whole hometown date was so awkward because the chemistry was not there. I was not shocked to see him go. It was thoughtful that he wrote her a note, but just a few weeks late dude!

Sorry for such a disappointing discussion. I'm anxious to see Jesse and Jeremy's dates tomorrow. I'll add on then, but do comment on what you thought about tonight's episode.


Heather said...

I tell you Jesse stepped it up about 10 notches .. enjoy watching. I love how careful he is with her and from the preview of the "romantic" dates I love that he might forgo the suite until he meets her dad ... how classy is that? He seems like a good guy even if they don't seem to fit that well.

Jeremy's date was well, Jeremy. I could see them together as well.

But then I could also see her with Jason ... I balled when he had to say goodbye to his son.

I thought it was downright rude that Graham left her with that letter ... should have stepped it up earlier boy! Why leave her with a note at that point knowing she can't/wont change her mind and it will only make things harder on her? I felt sorry for her at that moment. I hope she really doesn't miss out on these other guys because of how Graham ended things with her.

I think it will come down to Jason and Jeremy ... between the two of them I have no clue who she will choose ... I could totally see her with either one.

Natalie said...

I missed it too. Because I got a pug puppy and I was chasing after it all day!!

I saw the very end, and I was glad to see Graham go -- I don't think she fits with Jesse, I just don't!

Allikaye's Mama said...

Oh girl! First, I left you a little something something over on my blog...go see...
Second, I KNOW!! The Jason ans Ty reunion had me crying all over the place! He is my favorite too...and Graham is a stick in the mud! I was frustrated by him! Jeremy was okay - but he is still a bring for me. Jessie was cute and fun - but I don't think she is a snowboarder chick - although I would like it if they moved to CO where I am!! hehee! Bye my friend!

Allikaye's Mama said...

Um...spell check much? Sorry about my last comment...I meant Jeremy is boring for me...:0)

Heidi Zawisza said...

I am a Jason fan all the way.......but I think she likes Jeremy...BORING!!! ha!ha!
Hi! I'm Heidi and I stumbled on to your blog somehow, and had to comment because I LOVE the bachelorette!!

Aubs said...

Oh my goodness....i'm not even sure how i came upon your blog but i am beyond excited!! I L-O-V-E the bachelorette and don't have any friends that really watch it!! I am so so so hoping that she chooses Jason! The tears were flowing in my living room as well...what a sweet guy and to see him with his son melted my heart! I don't think Jeremy is ready for a family as soon as she is! I am excited for tomorrow and to see who she ends up with!! So nice to "meet" another Deanna fan!

Scrapper Mom said...

Hi, Somehow I stumbled upon your blog tonight as well and I was so excited to find your commentary on the bachelorette too. I blogged on the same thing Tues. Check it out! I am adding you to my blog roll I can keep up with you on the final two weeks!