Monday, February 23, 2009

they told it

**SPOILER ALERT** Don't read any further if you haven't finished watching tonight's episode.

So, tonight's episode was "The Women Tell All". What'd y'all think? I probably would have enjoyed watching this better if they would flip flop next week's with this week's because I'm extremely impatient and am really anxious to see who he picks. Molly or Melissa...who will it be?

My thoughts may be short on this episode since it seemed the first 30 minutes were just recaps and then we got to check in on some party where we discovered how quickly Jesse has moved on. Apparently he is taken ladies. But how fun to get to see Jeremy again...he was one of my favorites from last season.

Oh, and let's not forget Trista and Ryan. I just love those too! They give us hope for some happily ever afters...what are they 1 out of 12? No pressure though Jason.

I would have loved to have seen more chat among the girls and Jason. But wasn't it fun to see Shannon again? I'm embarrassed to admit this, but I had to pause the Tivo and examine what girlfriend did different to her hair. It really caused me some distress. For sure it's darker, but is it possible that one's hair can get wider? Then Miss Natalie, as she sat in her self destructing "hot seat" explaining to Chris that "I don't like jewelry?" REALLY! Umm. And then how she wasn't herself because she didn't have her iPod and her Blackberry. What did she do before the year 2000 to cope in life? Chris' slam on that and her telling him to calm down made my night. It actually made the whole episode.

And can I tell y'all again how much I miss Stephanie? I know no chemistry, but she had the sweetest heart!! Jillian did a fab job in talking to Jason too. Chris, were you offering her the Bachelorette position?

So, dear Bachelor buds we have a week? I'll really be good with whoever he picks. Y'all know I tilt a little more to the Molly side, but I will be thrilled with whoever...I just hope it lasts!

Sorry for a lame Bachelor post this week!


Jenna said...

" it possible that one's hair can get wider?" LOL. Love it!

I am like you - the tell all was fine, but I NEED it to be this time next Monday. It looks like it's going to be VERY DRAMATIC. :-)

Lauren Kelly said...

LOVED the recap. Can't wait till next week. Happy Tuesday :o)

Niki said...

Great recap! Can't wait to find out what happens!

Whitney said...

Hilarious. For sure about Shannon. She needs some assistance pronto.
Love your new look!

Scrapper Mom said...

Did you read my blog? I got some inside scoop from a fb friend. You may be interested.

Natalie said...

Oh I can't wait for MONDAY!! Come sooner come sooner~

the only thing that would make it better is if I could fly to texas and if we could all watch it together.

Shannon said...

I'm glad you recapped because our DVR spazzed out and didn't record it. We did catch the end though I loooooooove Stephanie too. I want her to be the next Bachelorette!

Heather said...

cute new look!!! :)

Aubs said...

I told hubby i think they should do a women tell all after the finale! Its cruel and unusual punishment to make us wait!! There was alot of things they could have done differently to make last nights show more fun but there was some pretty funny parts!! CAN'T WAIT to see what is going to go on Monday!

Natalie said...

Have you heard the rumors that he proposes to one girl and then comes back and tries to convince the other girl to marry him?

That's why it's SO dramatic, SO intense that there is no audience!! Dun dun dun!!!

Why do you not have an email??

Natalie said...

Now seriously! I need your email!!
Read this!

And no, I am not being productive at all today. Thank you.

Natalie said...

It totally explains why Jillian is the next Bachelorette!