Thursday, April 17, 2014

the costcos

This week my mom and I loaded up the babe and ventured into the big city to visit the costcos  (I do realize costco is singular, but I've noticed that in the south people pluralize it and just the sound of it that way cracks me up so I'm going with it).  This was my first trip back in quite a few years because I came to the realization a few years into our marriage that the membership was just being used to purchase books, dvds and the occasional birthday cake (they have really good birthday cake if I remember correctly). 

I have fond memories of costco, specifically, that time I waited in line behind a monkey at the customer service desk.  I promise true story.  The strange part was I seemed to be the only one in line baffled at a real life monkey being in the costcos.  No one else batted an eye as they rolled out their tubs of goldfish crackers at the dressed up monkey on someone's back.  Oh, so many questions went unanswered that day. 

So, anyway, I quit the costcos a few years ago thinking I'll return when our household expands and we can put those gallon jars of relish to actual use.  My mom did too when they moved out of the city, but apparently those aisles of bestseller books where calling her name or she was in serious need of box of AA batteries because she called me a few weeks ago to tell me she rejoined the costcos.

I was ever so glad because I'd been a little curious about their baby selection and let's face it, she just saved me $50 because I can tag along when she goes.  So, that's just what we did this week.  I'm sad to report back that we still not in a postition to be buying gallon jars of relish and frankly I'd like to camp out in that aisle and find out who besides a hot dog vendor is.  But I did get very excited about a 10 pack of toothbrushes that I got for $9.99, until I got home and boy pointed out that they are medium bristles and not soft bristles, and he only uses soft bristles.  Ugh. 

Also, anyone else bummed about the baby selection?  I was hoping they'd have a few more things.  I use pampers on Declan and they only carry their brand and huggies and frankly not sure if they beat out the amazon mom pricing.  So, any thoughts on the costco diaper situtation?  Or maybe I missed an aisle.

So, that's our exciting reunion with costcos.  It is quite a trek with a baby in tow, so that's why I treated myself to a bag, twice the size, of my head of Veggie Stiks for $4.99.  Twice the size people.


Payton's mom said...

You are such an entertaining writer! I couldn't help but smile all the way through reading this post.

Rebecca Jo said...

I got those veggie sticks once... & then was so sick of them at the end, I never wanted to eat another one.