Monday, April 14, 2014

"Puddle Pug" review & giveaway

One of my favorite parts of the day is reading with Declan.  Since he was born we've been picking up books and reading to him throughout the day.  He absolutely loves it and kicks his legs in excitement as you turn the page.  We're also in that phase where we like to help gnaw on the pages too.  I was thrilled when the wonderful people at Sterling Publishing contacted me about reviewing a new children's book by Kim Norman titled "Puddle Pug".

Children's book + yes please!!

Let me tell you this has become a new favorite read in our house since it arrived.  And I know we're a little pug biased around here with our deep pug love, but this really is such a cute read.  We've absolutely loved reading about Percy the Pug and his puddle adventures and the adorable illustrations, by Keika Yamaguchi, truly captures a pug's spunky personality.  In fact, the pug's have been known to jump up on the sofa and join in for story time here and there.

Here's a synopsis of "Puddle Pug" from Sterling Publishing.

“Blue puddles, dew puddles, thick as turtle stew puddles . . .” Percy the Pug loves puddles of all sorts, but every one he finds is lacking. He soon realizes what is missing when he comes across a big, muddy puddle that is home to three friendly piglets and their mother. But Mama Pig is quite adamant that this puddle is for pigs only, and Percy’s clever attempts to enter are all foiled. How will Percy ever find a way to play with his new friends in the perfect puddle?

If you're needing a last minute Easter basket gift this would so be perfect!  "Puddle Pug" can be purchased from Barnes and Noble and Amazon.  Or just a perfect anytime gift for a pug lover too!

And the best part, you can win your own copy of "Puddle Pug".  Please enter below before Monday, April 21st.

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disclaimer: this book was given to me.  all opinions are my own.  giveaway provided by sterling publishing.


Lindsay @ LindsayInNYC said...

Well, I have a pug so a lot of what they do is crazy!

Here is a funny story though... We had a cold apartment so I use to dress him in a sweater when we went to work in order to keep him warm. For almost a week, I would come home from work and the sweater would be sitting on the floor (not on the dog!) and he would be "naked," just looking at me like, "What, Mom??" It took awhile before I came home and caught him half undressed and figured out what was going on!

Samantha {Moody Mama} said...

My crazy Jack Russell mix that lives with my mom (who is 12yrs old) was recovering from Parvo & on a strict diet (at just a few months old)proceeded to eat a pack of Oreos (his name is Oreo ironic right?!) while I was at school. I came home to a happy, fat but kinda miserable because of an overly full tummy.

jlee said...

My dog is pretty calm for the most part but he does go crazy every once in awhile and just start running in circles!

Treesa said...

One time my cat was playing around and ran right into a glass door.