Thursday, April 24, 2014

nine months

dear declan,

you turned nine months last week.  you're a whole pregnancy old basically!  i am loving this season that we are in with you.  you've got such a personality and i just love watching it blossom.  there's a song out by taylor swift called "never grow up" that we listen to all the time and each time this mama is a blubbering mess. 

you're growing so much.  you're wearing 9-12 month clothes with few 6-9 month clothes that I have to stuff you into.  i swear i spend have my day squeezing your chubby thighs.  you're also still wearing size 3 diapers.  you love mealtime and we can't shovel it into your mouth fast enough.  still not loving the greens, but we'll keep working on it.  big milestone this month...teeth!  you got your bottom two.  sadly both at the same time.  i feel like everyone warns you about those sleepless newborn nights, but they failed to mention the grueling days of teething.  lots of cuddles with mama and even a few nights where after my 5th trip into your room i picked you up and brought you back to bed with us.  also lots of runny noses.  we made best friends with the snot sucker.  thankfully, we survived and your back to sleeping great through the night.

you started swim lessons this month, and while you don't hate it, you don't seem overenthusiastic about it either.  i think you're warming up to it.  also, i'm pretty sure your favorite time of the day is when daddy comes home.  you light up and the two of you catch up on the day and just laugh and laugh together.  one thing i've really noticed this month is you know "your" people.  if someone you love is holding you like big daddy or bubbie (grandma) you flail your arms up and down in excitement smiling so big. but if it's someone you're not so sure about you just sit and stare at them.  i'm pleased to say that i'm the only one you reach out for.  my heart swoons when you do.

we love you so much little man.  everyday is such a blessing watching you grow.

all my love,

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