Tuesday, May 6, 2014

swim lessons

This little guy just graduated from his first swim lessons.  We signed up for a parent/child class at the YMCA last month and for the whole month we went every Saturday morning bright and early.  It was an awesome baby class that was really about getting him comfortable in the water.  In our eyes, it's never too early and we learned a lot of safety techniques to work on to this summer.  He's definitely a water baby and loved it.  I contemplated signing him up again this month just for the post swim lesson naps.  This mama got a lot done on Saturday afternoons.

A lot of the babies struggled with the floating part of the class.  Not this guy.  Nailed it.  Give this guy an umbrella drink with a straw and he's set for summer.


Rebecca Jo said...

I always applaud parents who get their babies used to water & know how to swim/hold their breath... it could save their life!

Elgor82 said...

Look at him go ... There's no stopping him now!