Monday, April 21, 2014

happy easter

We hope everyone had a beautiful Easter.  We had such a blessed first Easter with Declan celebrating Jesus' resurrection. 

Go figure that we had to wake Declan up Easter morning for church.  The one day of the week this kid decides to sleep in.  We got ready then threw on his Easter outfit and off to church we went.  We met my parents there and then after the service Declan did a little egg hunt or more like daddy and big daddy picked them up for him, then ate his goods.
We ran back to our house to change and see what the Easter bunny had left for Declan.  I really would have been okay just buying a large bag of empty plastic eggs because this kid was all over them.

 Then we headed to my parents for lunch.  My dad, for some reason, can't stand Peeps much less the sight of them.  So for dessert I made a lemon cake topped with Peeps and set it by his spot at the table for lunch.  We're that kind of family.  He happily ate the cake part.

The more generous Easter bunny made a stop for Declan at my parents house too.  My mom put his gifts in those giant eggs and I love his face checking out those eggs.  Like he just cannot believe those plastic eggs come that big.   And, thankfully, the Easter bunny brought this mama a large Dove dark chocolate bunny too.

Literally, chewing on God's word with his first bible.
And no Easter is complete without a good nap and some backyard swinging!


Rebecca Jo said...

He's just trying to digest God's word the only way he knows how :) haha!

Peeps - UGH... but I'd totally gobble that cake in no time flat :)

Kitty+Coco said...

The chewing on God's word is just precious! Loving the giant egg too. I'm sad I didn't even see those because my 11 month old would have gone nuts over it. Max did love his toy car (V-tech, go go smart wheels, FYi). Plastic eggs were also a huge hit here.