Tuesday, December 18, 2007

cribbled in cabela's

I would prefer to title this post "Stupid Chi Hair Straigthener", but I feel that might be too harsh.

Yesterday while rushing to get ready for church my Chi fell off the vanity and landed precisely on my left foot right about the fourth and baby toes (notice my knowledge of bone names).

Ouch! I whined for a few moments and shook off the pain scoring threw my foot and as we headed out the door.

Now I have to make note that this is the second severe injury caused from hair straightening. Last year while sitting on the floor straightening my hair I set the darn thing down, leaned in towards it, and fried my leg a bit. The scar still remains. It's a hand made beauty mark.

Well low and behold a ginormously swollen foot with a bruise to match graced me this morning.


I can wiggle the toes so I don't think it's broken and even it was I've been assured by many folks that there is nothing to do. So save your copay and have a nice dinner to ward off the pain instead.

That I can do.

But oh no not without those last minute Christmas errands.

One being Cabelas. Now ladies you may not have ever graced the presence of one of these large man stores filled with aisles of camo gear, fishing poles for all and let's not forget the deer heads looking at you. Ugh! It's always a dreaded visit. You can't help but laugh as men sort of gallop in joy to the door dragging wives behind them that look bored to death. I would make a killing if I opened up a Gap next door!

Before we get out of the car to go inside I sweetly remind boy that my foot is killing me and this is not a shopping trip to look around, we're in and out to get a metal detector.

Yes, friends a metal detector. That purchase is a whole other blog post. If you ever need to know any information on purchasing one of these treasure hunters I'm your gal.

This store is huge and here I am hobbling around praying we can just pick one metal detector and leave. Nope that would be too easy. I seriously considered curling up in a display tent and rest while he decided. 30 minutes later and a detector in hand we we get to go home.

Watch out for those beauty tools, they might get you.


Kelly said...

Oh the price we pay for beauty!!!

Erin said...

ouch!! yeah, I still have a nice scar on my hand from a curling iron in 5th grade. Those hair irons get you every time.

Kari & Kijsa said...

Oh- to be beautiful is but painful and expensive-teehee- We had to shop Cabela's too- but opted for online- seemed a little less painful that way! Enjoyed your post- still giggling!

Merry Christmas blessings,
kari & kijsa

Heather said...


Tam said...

Yup! Got me a scar on my left pointer finger. Had a blister the size of a dime on it for days...nasty!

People have told us to get a metal detector up here where we live. Down the road a bit is a gravel pit and apparently each year they make 1,000's of dollars for gold they're dug out from the pits on there land. I guess it's a gold mine here (which So. Oregon is known for) and we have 2 acres. Maybe I should take this seriously???