Thursday, December 13, 2007

"for one more day"

I prefer to blog about my love for Jesus, the things that make me laugh, or my hatred for Wal-mart.

But this post has been on my heart for a week. I pray the words flow.

Last week, many of you probably caught it on tv, Oprah had on one of my all time favorite author's Mitch Albom. He wrote "Tuesday's with Morrie" and folks if you do not have a copy of this book on your shelf I encourage you to run out and buy or ask for it for Christmas. It's a beautiful book that will make you laugh and cry over and over.

Mitch had recently come out with another book "For One More Day" and he was promoting the movie (which Oprah made) on the show. He chatted with Oprah how this book was about a man who got one more day with his mother. One more day to get a second chance and share everything he wanted to say.

I bawled for about 3 hours after the show because I couldn't help think about who my "For One More Day" would be.

My grandfather.

I shared in one of my first blog posts about his suicide. In his lifetime he survived a war, the loss of a daughter, depression and anxiety. He had a lifetime of aches.

But if I had one more day with him what that look like.

He loved cards! He taught me everything about the game of spades. And there is no doubt in our mind that our day would be set around our kitchen table playing cards. Then we'd head to McDonald's for lunch. He loved McDonald's I always thought it was so cool how my grandparents always took us to McDonalds. We'd eat our cheeseburgers and then he'd finish lunch off with Mickey D's cherry pies. He still is the only person I know that eats those things as if it's the best dessert in the world. Then we'd head back home anxious to beat grandma and any other family member sorry enough to loose to the best spade players around.

I'd give anything for one more day. Just one more day to tell him I love him. Tell him I'm sorry that you were sad and hurting so badly. That I forgive you. I know you never meant to hurt us by leaving so quickly. I'd tell him that grandma is okay. She is stronger than any woman I've ever met. That she knows you still loved her. I'm sorry I did not call more often. It wasn't that hard to pick up the phone. Despite the whispers and scrutiny you still left with diginity in my heart.

At the funeral they asked if anyone would like to add items into the casket with him. I ran out a purchased a deck of cards and on the ace of spades wrote Hebrews 11:1 and placed it in his hand.

He always ended up with it any game of spades.

Sweet friends if you'd like to share the person you'd spend one more day with I'd love to hear it.


Tam said...

Whoa....I'm not fibbing you one bit but I am streaming tears here Megan. I have a strong feeling Grandpa really knew you loved him! I think it's pretty obvious here.

Honestly i don't think I can write much right now...this story has really, really touched

Oprah's Things said...

Thanks for sharing your story.

Heather said...

I'd love to have one more day with my aunt carol. She died before my 1st child was born and she was like a mom to me. I have such fond memories of her and cannot eat a Dairy Queen blizzard without thinking of her and crying. She was a woman who loved God and loved her family. She knew the things I liked and she went out of her way to make my days special when I was around her. She was a lot like my Papa who I also adored. She died after fighting cancer for 2 years and I'd love to see her new glorified body - cancer free. One more day and a blizzard to boot!

Thanks for sharing your story. I also have a grandad that I adore.