Thursday, December 27, 2007

O' Kidney Infection O' Kidney Infection how perfect is your timing... (please sing to the tune of O' Christmas Tree)

Merry Christmas sweet blogging friends. My plans were to wish you all good tidings, but a little Christmas gift came early for me, a kindey infection. A brand car would have been my first choice. So my days leading up to the 25th were spent wrapping presents and trying to figure out how to take out my own kidneys.

Now here's what really ticked me off about the whole ordeal. This could not have happened the week before or during normal doctor office hours. Praise the Lord though, I had called my doctor's office Sunday night and my Christmas miracle came at 8:00 am on my way to an urgent care clinic when my doctor's office called and phoned in a prescription for me. I literally cried glorious tears for the nurse on the other end. It was a miraclous day!

With antibiotics in tow, we headed out on our Christmas journey visiting grandparents, parents and family. What a blessing this Christmas was. I hope y'all had a wonderful day celebrating the birth of our Savior!



Kelly said...

Hope your kidneys are feeling better -that is miserable.

Anonymous said...

Oh no! Thank God for drugs,right?!
Merry Christmas to you...Megan:)


P.S- those cake ball are awsome! My husband and I ate so many of them! I ended up using the whole block of almond bark, was I supposed to?

Tam said...

Yuck! Sorry Girl! Looks like Christmas illness is in the air. Hope those drugs are doing their job!

Erin said...

Oh man, that stinks!! Well, hopefully you're feeling all better now!
And I wanted to say THANKS for the cake ball recipe, because my family LOVED them. We took them to a couple places and everyone was saying "yum! how'd you make these??"

Mrs4444 said...

Believe it or not, I actually did try to read this entry by singing it to the tune you suggested. (It was worth a try!) Cute blog.

Cake balls??? Dare I ask?!