Tuesday, August 27, 2013

the paci

Oh the things motherhood teaches you.  I was thinking earlier if only I could go back and have a chat with my former pregnant self I'd have a few words of wisdom to bestow upon her.

1. I'd smack her for belly aching some much about having to get up in the middle of the night to pee.  Poor you having to get up for a minute then curl back in bed and go right back to sleep.  Must be so rough.

2. Enjoy those elastic maternity pants because before you know it you'll be having to return to the inconvenience of buttoning up your own pants like the rest of society.

3. Get off your delusional high horse about pacifiers and how you "don't think they're necessary".  Because that day is coming soon where you'll have mastered the fine art of being able to roll over and pop a pacifier into your screaming babies mouth at 2 am all in the dark.  And those fears you once had of the day when you'll have to wean him off the pacis will long be gone because really if your kid wants to walk across his high school graduation with a paci in his mouth...then more power to him.  You'll come to peace with it.

So, never say never.  This kid loves him some pacis!


Mary said...

Love it! So true. I, too, was a person who said I would never give my baby a paci. Turns out as they grew I'd throw a half dozen in the crib so they could find one easily! Mine are in high school, no paci in sight! You're doing a great job!

Rebecca Jo said...

Hey = who doesn't prefer elastic pants over buttoned ones :)

Aubs said...

hahaha....SO true!! let me count the ways I've learned the never say never lesson since becoming a mama!! He is SO.STINKIN.CUTE!!!

Megan said...

Hahaha!! Love this! I have written a similar post about all the things I said I wouldn't do before becoming a mommy. Yeah right!!