Monday, August 1, 2011

random thoughts from the weekend

1. foster puggy discovered a taste for drywall.  lovely.

2. saturday night pug began violently coughing and having trouble breathing.  we whisked him in the car and drove like mad to the pet ER.  thankfully they brought him right on back because he was coughing so bad.  he really sounded like an old man that smoked.  the other folks in the waiting room were trying very hard not to laugh at him.  thankfully we got him all fixed up with some good old drug filled cough syrup and he is living in lala land as we speak.  so thankful it was nothing serious.

3. i'm suffering from "words with friends" hand claw.  i also may need an intervention before long.

4. i discovered pinterest this weekend, which i'm still navigating and figuring out.  but all i can say is i get it now!  also, is there a way to pin things from an iPad.

5. i am ever so delighted that the lovely pioneer woman has added a section dedicated to all things real housewives on her blog.  be still my bravo loving heart.

add in some laundry, cleaning and complaining about the heat and that about sums it up.  hope everyone had a great weekend.

p.s. how is it august already?


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad pug is ok! Such a scary feeling when you don't know what's wrong with them. Oh, and my pug also discovered drywall when he was little. Came home to a completely white faced pup. Frustrating yet adorable. Hang in there!

OH, and SOOO glad you joined Pinterest! It is WAY addictive. The line between pinning and procrastinating is blurred on a daily basis for me.

Carrie said...

I love pinterest to I can't stay off glad the pug is ok!!!


Payton said...

My heart started beating so fast upon hearing about pug. I'm so glad he is ok now. What was wrong exactly? I've heard some bad stories about collapsed tracheas and such that the thought of a pug coughing makes me nervous. We are trying to beat the heat too. Have a great week!

Whitney said...

There is definitely a Pinterest app! So glad you joined!

Madison's Mommy said...

Whew...I almost lost it when I read the begging of the pug health scare...I am so glad that he is on the mend! Keep us updated!!

Oh, and I am so going to check out the PW's new blog feature...those crazy housewives are a guilty pleasure..


Heather said...

What is Pinterest? Glad that Pug is ok!!!

Heather said...

Nevermind on Pinterest ... found it and Now i have a new obsession ... thanks so much :)