Wednesday, July 23, 2008

we told him it was pug camp

So, I mentioned we headed out to Abilene last week to move my sis-in-law back home. Even though the thought of moving someone in 100 degree weather was just as exciting a shopping spree to Target I decided we needed a little motivator so we took a small detour up to Possum Kingdom Lake and indulged in this view.

Oh, it was lovely friends. Good food, great view and a book in hand...I was set. Boy had to drag me kicking and screaming from the resort.

Now let me back up and tell you about what we like to call Pug's Adventures 2008. We had to do some planning for pug for this little shin dig so we weren't driving clear across the great state of Texas. In pug's 3 years of life he has never been boarded. We've always had to bribe a family member of friend to watch him. We're running out of family members and friends. I thought this time it would just be simpler to have him boarded and we could swing by on our way back from Abilene. I did some googling, but became a little overwhelmed when I began to see "LCD TVs at your dog's height", "granite accents throughout dog suites" and my favorite "$10 extra for a hug and a bed time story". Seriously! People read to their dogs. I think pug could manage a night without hearing "Goodnight Moon".

I got a recommendation of a boarder on the way so I gave them a call and they sounded just as sweet as can be so I made him a little doggy reservation. We brought him in the day of and each dog has there own little air conditioned stall with a doggy door to the outside. We hugged him good-bye (a free hug by the way) and boy sat him in his stall. Then break my heart and stomp on it, he sat looking at me with those sweet big bug eyes whimpering. We waited a bet trying to help him learn how to use a doggy door and bless his heart he couldn't figure it out. Oh the pug mama pain. I just felt terrible at the moment as we drove off. But the little guy couldn't have been happier to see us and he finally figured out how to push the door with his paw.

After Possum Kingdom, Abilene, the in-laws then my parents I thought he could use a bath so here is his looking all fancy in his bandanna. It's very Texas isn't it?

And so sorry for not mentioning squat about Big Brother. What a week it has been. I'm so glad to see Dan stay and is it just me or is anyone else not really sure who to side with this season? So much drama!


Kristin @ Blue Skies said...

Bless his little pug heart! I'm so glad he survived his boarding experience. And, he looks very handsome in his bandana :)

Aubs said...

Awww...thats rough to have to leave him like that. =( And he sure is a cutie in his little bandana!!

I too haven't gotten to write about BB as we are on vacation too but i was glad to see Dan stay! And yes.....A.L.O.T of drama this season!! Not sure where i stand yet either....i need a little more time to figure it all out!

Page said...

I know how you feel about leaving your baby. I once had to board Winston and, I kid you not, he lost almost all his hair and then got a skin infection from the stress. And, it was a great boarding place! He just freaked out (and it was only for a weekend). So, I tried it once more several months later and the same darn thing happened again. So, now I am forced to bribe friends and family (and maybe one day fellow bloggers!) to watch the crazy pugs!

Bella and Perogi said...

I'm obsessed with BB! i love dan!! i hope keesha doesn't put him up. i don't like her little alliance, Libra needs to leave!

It's always so hard to leave my pugs..i boarded them once and i think it was way more painful for me then for them :-)

Scrapper Mom said...

Aw.Poor baby. This is just a taste of what it will be like when you have KIDS!!

Thanks for commenting yesterday on my wfmw post!

fortyb4forty said...

He is so cute. I am glad he survived pug camp. My puggies have never gone, and they're 10 and 11. They stay with family or friends.
I have even come home early from vacation because I missed them, haven't done that for my 3 boys though. I bet they'd love pug camp.

Allikaye's Mama said...

What a cute bandana on that pug!! You are such a great mama to him! And I am so glad you had a wonderful time!! One more thingy...I am on Ollie and April's side so far! hehehe!

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

First of all, I grew up in Abilene...hope you got to sample some fine West Texas cuisine while you were there. And know I would watch Pug. But if we ever had to board Milton, we'd send him to Pete & Mac's in Valley Ranch.