Monday, July 7, 2008


Someone wake me from the dream! I truly sit shocked y'all as I just watched 3 hours of the Bachelorette season finale. Truly speechless, I hope I can gather some thoughts to share. I really thought she'd go for Jason and as I watched him interact with her family, I got giddy thinking about how he'd be a part of it. Oh the crazy reality tv show pain!

I have to say it was extremely hard to watch. I got nervous for him as the limo pulled up and then when she told him to get up off his knee my stomach dropped. What were you thinking DeAnna? My heart just broke for Jason and Ty. Okay, now he should be the next Bachelor.

I can't say that I didn't want to see Jesse picked it was just I thought Jason was such a stronger soulmate for least what I saw. It was an extremely sweet proposal from Jesse. I thought it was adorable on the way to pick out the ring how he had to stop and breathe. They will make a very cute couple...he is growing on me!

Jason was once again first class at hour 3 of tonight's "After the rose ceremony". What guts it took to face her and the fact that he said how glad he was that she picked someone she was in love with just proves what a great guy he is. Oh and did anyone catch before tonight that his wife left him? Break my heart again!!

I'm gradually remembering things as I type from the marathon of anticipation we just faced so bear with my randomness. What about Jeremy coming back? For a split second I thought she might take him back. Talk about what a soap opera this season could have become. It was just sort of random and I'd love to know if it actually happened right after they broke up or if she really did go back to Georgia and then when she came back the Bahamas he flew back out again. That has me stumped.

But yeah...she's engaged. They are so sweet together! This is been so much fun getting to chat it up with y'all each Monday!


shortone said...

I too was in shock and was mad at first. But then as I saw her talk to Jason on the "after the rose" show, I began to understand. And after seeing her and Jesse together and the fact that her dad said he knew when they visited him - wow. I think I have forgiven her for crushing Jason.

Jason - who can say enough about him, I wish I knew someone nice I could send out to him. He is just a real upstanding guy to say he was happy for her to be in love and he meant it! WOW!

What a roller coaster ride. Even my husband was watching and waiting to see what would happen and this definitely isn't his thing.

Jeremy - I thought for a moment she might take him back too - Wow!

I have been waiting for your post so we could all get it all out together!.

Did I say Wow, already??

Heather said...

Oh my mouth was on the floor. My hubby actually watched the thing with me last night and even he was shocked! Can you believe it????

Jason was first class and he did go out with style. I was a little stunned that he was the first to drive up. Part of me was like ... no way they won't let the first one be the one will they? Then when she made him stand .... I felt so bad for him ... he totally thought he was the one.

Jesse ... I wondered if she would choose him b/c they played much more of Jason and her than they did of Jesse and her. They led you to believe it would be Jason which made me wonder if it would be Jesse. They are so cute together though. I can see it though I could really see forever with Jason and I wonder if Jesse wasn't just because he won't tie her down as quickly?

Jeremy coming back ... whoa! I feel bad for his breaking heart! I asked my hubby last night if he thought there would be 3 limos last night :)

Natalie said...

so depressing. I just think she Jesse is crazy and not marraige material -- yet. I guess he could be.

I like that they brought Shayne and what's his bucket back to "dispel the rumors" haha.

I think Jeremy should be the next bachelor, although we've seen all those boys cry just a little too much.

Jason has just put his kid though quite a bit at this point. I mean -- the orange tie for the Georgia peach comment just melted my heart. I can't believe she let him go down on one knee! Made me realize how much she really did like him and she really did have a hard time telling him good bye.

The show does everything so so fast -- I think it's really six weeks long! That's so hard! No wonder they usually don't work out!

I hope they do, but I hope they also secretly swap numbers off screen just in case.

Natalie said...

P.S. Did we see the size of those rings, and the name dropping of Tacori?

umm, ABC, there were a few extras that were not picked. I'm all for sloppy seconds!

corrine and alex said...

Amen natalie! I could totally go for one of those Tacori rings! ANY of them! haha.

I do have to say that they "sold" me on Jesse and Deanna being in love a LITTLE bit on the after show. During the proposal I was in such disbelief I almost couldn't watch them kiss! But whatever, if she thinks he'll make her happy, then great! I love also how they made it out to be a HUGE announcement that they picked a wedding date, a year away. SHOCKER! haha.

Allikaye's Mama said...

I was shocked shocked!! Isn't it funny that we dedicated 3...3!! hours to that last night! Ha! She does seem happy and in love! I have to remind myself that the producers and camera peeps don't always show us even though I thought Jason was THE guy...obviously I was wrong!! I agree that Jason could be the next bachelor! Can't wait to find out! And it was so fun to chat with YOU about this season!! Bye, Friend!!

Lauren said...

Oh my word... Could not believe it! I just knew it was going to be Jason. I guess, if she's happy, then all is good!

Heidi Zawisza said...

yeah, so much for RUMORS!! I HAVE to stop reading those! LOL!
I will say that after watching the WHOLE night, Jesse grew on me too......she sure looks happy anyways!
On a side note though, I will say that it was very interesting that Jason picked up on the fact that she didn't look at him the way she looked at Jesse OR GRAM!!!! WOW!
She got very irritated at that!!!!

Heidi Zawisza said...

Oh, and ps....I am soooo syked that you watch Big Brother also! YIPPEE! Can't wait to hear your thoughts!

Scrapper Mom said...

Hey, girl. I was so sad for Jason, but it "appeared" that she and Jesse did have a thing, I guess. I'm glad this common interest brought our blogs together. Hope to continue hearing from you!!

Aubs said...

well! where to even start?!? I'm so heartbroken for jason....he only lives a couple hours from me...who could i send his way?!? haha! He is such a true gentleman and sweetheart...i would L.O.V.E to see him as the next bachelor.

And then there is Jesse....i was so shocked. They did a mighty fine job of hiding the connection through out the show...i really didn't see that coming at all! But they did seem very happy at the after show and i am happy for them that they found love!

Jeremy jeremy jeremy....don't go back like that! I feel bad for the guy but really??

It has been fun chatting w/ you about this....hope to continue hearing from you!!