Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Final Two Lovebirds

Just say it isn't so! Did we really just say goodbye to Jeremy from the Bachelorette? I'm speechless y'all. I really had it pegged that he would be sitting in the final two right now.

Since there were two big parts to the episode, I'll start with the first hour.

Part One: Jeremy was first up on the dates and I could really tell something was up. I've always thought Jeremy was so eloquent with his words and does a great job communicating, but tonight DeAnna was really hunting down something he wasn't delivering. Poor guy. Although, Hallmark needs to give the man a job because he has some great one liners!

Then with Jason, it is always so much fun to watch him and DeAnna. I love how he always runs to her when they meet up; he's just as cute as can be. They have great chemistry and I will without a doubt be totally devastated if she does not pick him.

Jesse, I totally have to hand it to the man. On the first episode I just did not think he would last at all. He didn't seem serious enough, but he's really done a great job of convincing us that his heart is in the right place. He's a sweet and genuine guy. Since, I was a huge Jeremy fan from the beginning I really would have rather seen him be in the final two over Jesse, but Jesse has really stepped it up and done exactly what he said about being her friend first.

I did just about loose it when she said Jason's name and the camera showed Jeremy's face. I hate that hearts get broken.

We shall see next week, although I don't know if I can last that long knowing she is for sure engaged! Whoa...please be Jason!

Part 2: Did anyone else sit with their jaw dropped? Well, first my heart broke for Jeremy. It was so painful to watch. ABC, Jeremy so needs to be the next Bachelor? He looked so hurt I wanted to cry. And then if the man weren't already in the dumps enough...how rude where the rest of the guys? Someone please give this sweet man a break!!

Okay, so I'm rambling but here is my two cents on Graham. Although he blew it not be completely open and honest. I really just do not think that is his personality and you can't be someone your not. He seems like he is an extremely shy guy and I'm just not sure she was used to it or that you can be that shy on a show like this. He was so right on displaying that when he told Chris he needed to take it slower.

So, I thought those guys did a great job in the "hot seats", and I was quickly reminded of how much Ron drove me crazy and then DeAnna came out. Now I love DeAnna, but she came out pretty defensive. I thought she made some harsh comments that weren't really provoked from Jeremy and Graham. I never felt they were blaming her, they were just confused with a broken heart.

I'm worn out typing, so y'all spill and tell me what you think.


Scrapper Mom said...

Hey Hey fellow fan!! Thanks for the comment. I totally forgot to write anything about the 2nd show, but I did agree, Deanna was a little "rude", I guess you could say. Graham is so cute, but that talking through his nose would get on my nerves so bad..ha. I just don't thinkh he knows what to say when he gets put on the spot and being on national tv definetly puts you on the spot. I am sure he is a great guy in normal circumstances.

I've enjoyed getting to know you through this common interest and your blog!!:)

Natalie said...

i've been waiting for this post all day!

I didn't see the first hour (at the dogpark trying to get the pup's wiggles out) but I caught Jeremy's breakdown and then the second part.

I say we nominate Jeremy for the next bachelor. He needs someone -- and it's hard for him not having any family!

I kind of thought I was liking Jesse until they showed the montage and I remembered that he was the one who wore jeans to the first cocktail party! He's so not DeAnna's type!

Heather said...

I had this whole long post written ... TWICE in this comment box and it got taken away ... dern!

I'm not going to type it all out again but I will say I agree with you 100% about it all.

the connection with jeremy once she said it seemed like it did center around loss and I understand her there.

I sure hope it is Jason. Like you I love how he acts around her and how excited he gets around her.

Jeremy should be the next bachlor!

As for how she acted last night on the men tell all ... that is how she acted the whole season to the girls in the house when she was one of 26 ... didn't surprise me much.

Kate said...

My newfound Bachelorette obsession is COMPLETELY your fault! I browse your blog from time to time, and a couple weeks ago your commentaries on the show got me VERY curious as to what's going on. I used to be a HUGE fan of the show, but my husband HATES it, so I slowly weaned myself a couple years ago.

Ok. Let me just say I too was heartbroken for Jeremy. Could there be a more perfect man? And so adorable. I thought for SURE he would be in the final two, if not THE ONE. (Although I've been a real sucker for Jason...I loved how last week you said Deanna should find a rose bush and give him the final rose right there after reuniting with his son. Did anyone watching NOT cry?)

Anyhow...I just don't get the right vibe from Jesse. I don't know...it kind of bothered me that he is totally willing to give up snowboarding. That's like his life...isn't he a professional snowboarder?! Why would you even WANT to be with someone that would cause you to have to give up something you love so much? He seems nice enough, but I don't know. It just doesn't "feel right".

I was just driving in my car thinking about how excited I was to post something on your blog, and I caught myself ACTUALLY saying, "Lord, PLEASE let it be Jason." Who PRAYS about TV shows? What is wrong with me?! I C.A.N.N.O.T. wait for next week's finale. The suspense is killing me. Although I will have to wait until Tuesday to watch in on-line so my husband doesn't know I have been secretly watching it. ;)

One last thing, then I'm done, promise. Did you watch the Bachelorette with Trista? I loved that one and was SO glad she chose Ryan. I lived in Colorado at the time so we were all pulling for him. Then I ran into Trista at the Denver airport...I about peed my pants I was so excited. And like a big fat dork, I go, "Oooh, can I see your rings?!" Yep, I did. And they're gorgeous. But what Harry Winston rock isn't?

Kate said...

Sorry that I wrote a novel on your blog!

shortone said...

I'm new to blogging, and just started my own. I have been very excited to find others obsessed with this insane show!

I think it needs to be Jason too, and not sure how I will wait a whole week to find out who she is engaged to!!

I agree, about Jesse, he is cute and has grown on me, but just not right for her.

I don't know about the "tell all" show. I do think she was a little harsh at times, but it would be difficult to be in the "hot seat" in front of that many, and not come out defensive.

I liked Graham and maybe it would have worked for them in a different setting where he was comfortable opening up more.

Can't wait till the finale!!!

Lauren said...

Oh, I love Jason... I think he is just precious! I will be completely shocked if he is not "the one"!

Aubs said...

Okay....first i have to say that i love that you said you were speechless....i don't usually write about my tv shows but i was so shocked last night that i did it...i wrote about it and titled it speechless!!!

Where to even start....although i did not feel that Jeremy was right for her i was S.H.O.C.K.E.D that it was him that went home. I don't know that i even took a breath between her saying Jesse's name first and waiting to see who the other would be! It was sad because it was obvious he did have very genuine feeling for her and i'm a sucker for love....not heartbreak. =(

Jesse....don't even know what to say there. Didn't see him lasting this long and still kind of trying to figure it all out with him! He is a very sweet and respectful guy but i don't see their lives fitting together. Just don't see it.

And then there is Jason!! What an amazing guy he is! I have liked him from day one...maybe it is the single parent thing?(i was one of those myself) or maybe the fact that he lives like an hour and a half from where i do??!! Not sure but none the less it is so! The two of them just seem to fit ...they laugh....they radiate love and joy....it HAS to be him! Has. To. Be.

I am sooo sooo glad that i have an absolutely crazy busy week to take my mind off the wait....the anticipation for next week's finale! Oh how i wish we could all just have one big "bachelorette" girly night and laugh, talk and cry through the whole thing!! But instead i will look forward to a big bloggy discussion afterwards! So glad to have found your blog...have a fun week!

Heidi Zawisza said...

Ok, first, did you SEE the chemistry that was still there between Grahm and her??? Totally undeniable. I hope she is not settling (with whoever she chose)because she was too scared to take a chance on Grahm......(but,the rumor is that he left on his own free will, and to make sure that Deanna didn't look bad, he stayed thru the ceremony, making it look like she was the one who didn't choose him. Which would also explain the letter that he just so happen to have in his pocket......and would explain the animosity she came out with towards him last night. She was obviously very rattled by him still......)
Next, RUMOR HAS IT that Jesse was paid by some clothing company to wear all those outrageous outfits on the show, and the farther he got, the more money he got paid. He allegedly had a girlfriend coming into the show, and halfway thru, broke up with her via text message. Apparently he started having real feelings for Deanna.So the story goes. (which would explain why he never got "cozy" with her until much later in the show) So, it is RUMORED that the producers caught wind of this, and that "someone close" to Deanna (maybe Chris Harrison) informs her of this. Leaving Jason as the one she is engaged to.
No telling if any of this is true or not but those are the rumors!! (and I must say, some of them make sense!) Can't wait till next week!

Allikaye's Mama said...

Wow! There are more comments than usually on your Bachelorette post! I love it - way to go ABC - and Girl!! :0) What a good idea to have Jeremy as the next Bach - except he doesn't have that much personality in my view...hmmm...
But I am right there with ya...Jason it has to be!! And she is already engaged! Ah! The anticipation is killin me!