Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Blue Woman Group

Okay, yeah for Big Brother 10... sorry I couldn't resist with the title since Renny's outfit was so extremely blue during the show tonight. It hurt my eyes. But I did love her definition of a punk yesterday...Webster's needs to pick that one up.

Oh what a season we have before us friends. Could you not believe your eyes on Tuesday? I really liked Brian on day one, but that boy's head kept growing as the hours went by. I've really been trying to remember a season where someone came out guns blazing on day two. The ones that survive the show are the ones that lay low for a few weeks.

I felt for Ollie. I really think he is a good guy, but he has been stung by the love bug and it could seal his fate (that bug was fast too). He was trapped and I hate they go back on their word, but what do you do when someone is tearing through the house like Brian was. So poor Jerry had to be the bearer of bad news and put Brian up. It was a smart move. Does anyone else tear up a little when Jerry speaks...he's so sweet!

And then someone has to stir the pot up again. At one point I looked over at boy and said Brian's going to stay. I was just about sure of it. Whoa! What an hour that was.

Any thoughts on who Jesse will put up...I'm kind of thinking Renny. To me though he is still a wildcard. I'm not really sure who he's loyal too.

Until Sunday...


Heather said...

Can you believe Renny thought anyone would come to her for fashion advice??? Cracked me up!

I'm SOOO glad that they got rid of Brian ... I too thought for a while that he might would turn the tide and that they would keep him. So glad they didn't!

Who knows who Jessie will put up. I think Renny will be one of them.

Carrie said...

I think he will put up Renny~I think they made the best decision getting rid of Brian but the puppet show cracked me up!

Allikaye's Mama said...

I love there was already a blindsided vote off...Brian! I think this will be a good juicy season if it starts off like this! Oh and Renny drives me nuts! She is out of control with her outfits! Did she make that blue number herself?! Do you love that it is on 3 times a week like me?!
Who knows about that muscle bound Jesse? We WILL see!!

Heidi Zawisza said...

I'm pretty sure that Renny is the obvious choice.....poor sorry thing. And yes! I want to tear up too when Jerry talks! I will be sooooo mad if they go after him. (it probably won't take long for that to happen though....considering he would be a hard one to vote against in the end??)