Friday, August 24, 2007

The Queso Queen

I love chips, queso, and flour tortillas. It's truly the ultimate comfort food, amen? I've finally started to get smart and instead of ordering it as an appetizer, I just order it as the meal. Saves some calories and that way I get the whole bowl to myself. I don't share by the way.

Over a recent bowl of queso I informed boy that my dream job would be to be a queso connoisseur. He found the job fitting and then asked me to rate my favs. in the DFW area. So here it goes. For those of you who leave near these places, check them out. If you don't will then hop on down and I'll join you for a bowl.

1. Joe T. Garcias Fort Worth
They have the ultimate's a little sweet and a little spicy that's why it's my favorite. They serve family style though with great everything.

2. Via Real Irving
I've been coming here for years and it is always amazing. This is the upscale queso bowl. There menu is very different from the typical tex-mex restuarants in the area. Also, you may want to make reservations, It's pretty crowded on weekends.

3. Uncle Julios multiple locations
Another great restaurant. The queso is amazing with their flour tortillas.

4. Gloria's popping up all over dfw.
You have to try their queso here because with the complimentary salsa they serve a black bean dip that is to die for. So the key is to dip in the beans then the queso. Yum. They have more of a Salvadorian menu which is amazing.

5. Catina Laredo multiple locations
Okay here is the awesome thing. The queso is free and it's off the hook!! We love Cantina Laredo! It's so good I would pay for it, but I'm not tellingt them.

6. Abuelos multiple locations
AMAZING! That's all I can say. They also serve as a side with an entree this potato thing that is head over heels good.

7. Rosa's Cafe & California
The drive thru of queso. What's better than not having to get out of your car for great queso. We eat here regularly.

8. Anamia's
They did not have a pic. of their queso, but check out their guac which is easily delicious. Eaten here forever and is always yummy.

9. On the Border EVERYWHERE
I'm sure this is no stranger to anyone, but I had to put it on because this place is still one of my favorites. They always have great queso with ginormous chips.

10. Planet Burrito Texas
I know hokey name, but this is our new find. We love their burritos but I adore their queso. It truly is like no other.

Hungry yet? That's my Top 10. I'd love for you to add if you have one.


Little Steps Of Faith said...

I live by NONE of those places!
We got Moes, Chillis, Taco Bell...UGH lol.

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

Yay for Anamia's guac and queso!

Heather said...

On the border has become our fav!

Heather said...

Moes is also good!

Profbaugh said...

Oh my goodness I think I'm going to have to move to DFW area. Sounds so "yummy." Actually right now I'm cravin' some queso. Gotta stop reading blogs late at night when I'm hungry (tee hee).