Tuesday, March 2, 2010

departuring the wings of love

I dreamed last night that Jake had somehow dumped the sweet and innocent Tenley and picked Vienna instead.

What a crazy nightmare huh?

Oh wait! It wasn't a dream!!

I know I've kind of fallen off the Bachelor blogging bandwagon the last two seasons. Boy has kind of a wonky schedule and during Jillian's season his off days were on Monday. So I had a decision to make...spend quality fun time with boy or watch a love story with a 98% chance of failure hanging over it.

I pondered it for awhile... and picked boy!

So, not really watching Jillian's season and not knowing who Jake was I contemplated not watching. But when boy's schedule flopped again and Chris said "It's the most shocking rose ceremony yet"

I came running...to "on the wings of love" of course (which is now engraved in my brain for life...thank you ABC!)

I'm speechless at the outcome. I thought it was the easiest pick in Bachelor history ever! I'm sure Vienna is a sweet girl, but against real life Cinderella/Belle/Sleeping Beauty. What's there to ponder Jake?

I'm beginning to wonder if that St. Lucia fresh air doesn't mess with your ability to make good choices.


Rebecca Jo said...

HAHAHA!!!! Thats funny... you may be onto something about that air... they do say the higher altitudes make you goofy... is that place higher then Mt. Everest? give me SOME sorta reason he made that choice!!!!

Page said...

LOL! I got totally hooked this year too. I discovered realitysteve.com and found out he was going to pick Vienna a few weeks ago and was shocked! sure enough, he was right!

M said...

I do not get it! I just watched it on Hulu. Oh, well.