Monday, March 22, 2010

miscellaneous bin

1. I finally was able to pick my jaw off the ground only 48 hours after KU lost. We're still so devastated! I'd like to take this time to apologize to UNC for gloating when you did not make it into the tourney and also to the commentator who back in November predicted KSU would make it in and go far. This is called NCAA humbling.

2. It snowed Saturday night and we're sunbathing today...allergies much.

3. Did anyone watch Food Revolution last night? So crazy and what a can I wait till Friday?

4. Has anyone sold any furniture before on Cr@igslist? Any tips to avoid my pic. on the 10 o'clock news?

5. Pug somehow has a chip on the tip of his ear. No bleeding, but should I be considered or just start calling him Chippy.


Heather said...

We sold a lot of furniture before we moved. The only tip is to use a dummy e-mail that you set up just for it and do not put your name in it. Meet in a neutral setting for the to view / pick up. And take boy with you and any other male who may be up for the ride :) We were very thankful to the list for allowing us to sell so quickly!

Allikaye's Mama said...

We were devestated that KU lost too! There goes my bracket...and most of the people I've talked to!! Ummm...I say for Craigslist- - don;t have them come in to your house...or if you can meet them somewhere other than your house. Give Chippy some love from CO!! hehe!

Sarah said...

oh yes, the pottery barn outlet is delightful. I could stay in there for days and days... doesn't help that the Williams Sonoma Outlet is connected to it. gah.

Your pug is so adorable!!

Have sold stuff on Craigslist, hubby usually did the meet up. And we used a separate email as mentioned by Heather.

Always Pretty in Pink said...

I have an email I use just for Craigslist. Also, I screen the emails. I am really picky about it. You can tell alot about people by their email name, and the way they punctuate, and such. If it is something they have to come to your home to see or pick up, then move it right by the door. Don't even give them the chance to look around your house and see anything worth stealing. :) I always make sure my husband is there, and a few of his friends if possible.

Good Luck!

Page said...

i've sold a table only once on craigslist and had the hubby at home at the time and moved it right by the front door so they couldn't look around our house. otherwise, i didn't really pursue setting up separate emails or anything...wish I had thought of that!! but, then, i only did it one time and haven't done it since (it was a couple years ago). good luck!!

poor little chipper. LOL!

Becca said...

Oh I've been wondering about buying/selling on Craigslist too . . . seems a little sketchy haha :-) but I know people use it all the time!

Sandy a la Mode said...

i think most everyone's brackets were ruined with KU's loss! i couldn't believe it! found you on fab k and have added you to my reader!

Mrs. D said...

I totally am feeling you on the allergy situation! I've had good luck on Craigslist (knock on wood)-- just make sure you're not home alone when the buyer shows up.
Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love yours-- your pug is adooorable!

mel @ the larson lingo said...

I am also in shock about KU's loss. I had them bracket is DONE. (I went to CU, so I pretty always pick a Big 12 team to win the tourney, it sure did back fire on me this year!) Also, I have sold a bunch of stuff on Craigslist & I am still alive :) I have sold a kitchen table, baby swing, a dog house, stroller & a bouncer. I love craigslist, but like the previous poster, I am picky about who I respond to, etc.