Monday, April 28, 2008

I caved

The Dr. Pepper and Coca-Cola and all their deliciousness got the best of me. If you will join me as we jump in my time machine and visit this post and this post.
I know I know here I was going blah blah blah, it's so bad for me, yada yada yada. Could I be anymore hypocritical? Call me weak, but I'm not a coffee drinker and frankly you can only drink so much Sprite and Kool-Aid before you want to pull your hair out one strand at a time because it got so mundane. I do love my Sprite and Kool-Aid, but the caffeine cravings were taken me down.

Driving home a few weeks ago I told boy I couldn't take it anymore. I had made it almost nine months and Lord help me I needed some caffeine. I caved that night. At Sonic. And it was so good.

I freely admit that I do not regret it.


Heather said...

Girl! I feel you. I wanted caffine daily when I had to stop. It's been 6 years now and I still don't drink caffine. Now every once and a while I will have some of Hubby's cheerwine (so good!) but that's about it. Enjoy some for me ok?

Carrie said...

Girl I feel your pain I can't stop either I know I should but they are so dang good!

Jamie Lovely said...

Oh my gosh, yes. I'm trying to stop drinking pepsi and having such a hard time. The cravings are killing me and I don't do coffee either.

Hi! New here, btw :)

Tam said...

Its ok Girl! no worries!

I did caffeine up until 2 or so years ago. Found out it was a natural inflammatory. Having Lupus, thats not good. BUT - if I could have it. I would!!! So...drink one for me!

Joel, Dot and Judah said...

I am Courtney, and I am here to confess an ADDICTION to cherry coke zero. My husband is an enabler b/c he has it too. We are junkies, and Cherry Coke Zero is our drug of choice.