Monday, April 7, 2008

Get 'em Hawks

Be still my heart my Jayhawks have gone and done it. I'm a little nervous about posting before tonight's game against Memphis because I didn't post about UNC Saturday and we won, so I'm afraid I may jinks the whole team by posting today. Are you with my crazy thinking?

Now let me back up and talk Saturday when our lovable Jayhawks took down Roy's boys in a victorious defeat Saturday night. Oh what a glorious day it was. If you are not aware KU fans are not very fond of the light blue UNC Tarheel's. In 2003 Roy came out and said no I will not leave KU for the UNC coaching position (his alma mater), 2 weeks later he was redecorating his North Carolina pad. Of course it's all business. You have to take great opportunities for your family when they arrive, but frankly, every KU fan and player felt so betrayed by his actions. Don't lie, it's not cool. But I've forgiven you Roy!!!

And Saturday as were doing a KU victory dance the phone rang. It was my father-in-law telling us a sweet man in his congregation had an extra two pair of tickets for tonight's game and knowing our deep love for the Hawk's wanted to know if we could head down to San Antonio. Oh my star's, did I just win the lottery?

Well I'm not in San Antonio. A thing called boy's job got in the way and I do believe somewhere in the marriage vows it says "For richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, and if you get tickets to see KU play in the final two and one can't go you don't experience it without your soul mate".

No sadness though, my parent's went instead. My dad insisted over and over that my mom and I should go as "just the girls". This man is so unselfish it brings tears to my eyes!! They are so deserving of the opportunity, I wouldn't let them pass it up. I don't know if they've ever missed watching a game and for 20 years they were faithful season ticket holders. This is so cool for them!

So Rock Chalk Jayhawks!


Heather said...

Congrats on a win!

Anonymous said...

My dear, sweet wonderful girl, I am totally down with your crazy thinking. I well remember all the little peculiarities that girl's "Go KU!" parents exhibited - have to wear this shirt, those socks, and comments like, "I'm sorry, but you'll have to move - that's my lucky place. The Hawks won the last three times I sat in that spot." OK, so they're a "little" superstitious, but these old Kansas neighbors love 'em just the way they are. And the Kansas folk all love you,too, "Miss Meggie"!! And please tell boy we think he's alight, too. We think he's just plain lucky to get you.
With love from twins' mom and the rest of the Topeka Jayhawks