Wednesday, April 9, 2008

99 bottles of water on my nightstand

Hi my name is Girl and I have WBCD- Water Bottle Collecting Disorder.

Okay, yes I am aware that this is not a real disorder, yet, but if it were recorded in a medical journal I'm pretty sure my blond self would be pictured next to the definition.

In a previous post I had mentioned that one of my bad habits was I was terrible at leaving unempty water bottles lying around on my nightstand and in my car. It's like they multiply in my sleep and don't worry boy consistently reminds me that their are people in this world that could use one of my water bottles. Oh the guilt, I feel so horrible. I'm sure it's no help, but I'll add that I do recycle them. I did, however, learn that I am not the only one. Y'all cracked me up with your comments and e-mails so that is why I felt this post was a must.

Now I do have to say that this habit has its plus every once in a blue moon. A few years ago the church e-mailed a mass e-mail to all the teacher's asking if anyone had a few water bottles lying around the house for an upcoming craft. After I cleaned out the back of the SUV I do believe no child was left out of the craft due to yours truly!! And if I ever get stuck on the side of the road I'll be well hydrated. That is unless it's 104 degrees out and in that case I can cook up some mac & cheese with my boiling water bottles.

So my fellow WBCD peeps, dry your tears you are not alone.


Erin said...

so glad to know I'm not alone! That is so funny! Seriously, if I took a picture of the passenger seat and floor board of my car... I would be so ashamed.
But you're so right! Because it's so nice to always have a drink of water when you need it.
I'm going to say I have an excuse though. I bring a bottle in my lunch every day. I eat lunch in my car on the way to work. Then I just end up leaving the mostly drunk water bottle in my car. Ok, so that's not a good excuse. But at least it's an explanation.

Shannon said...

I saw your blog at Kelly's Korner. I do this so much and it drives my husband CRAZY!!! My problem is I take a fresh cold water bottle out thinking I'm thirsty only to discover 5 hours later that I only drank literally two sips but I am thirsty for cold water now. SOOO I put my old one back in the fridge to get cold and get a new one out. The cycle continues all day until there is about 5 water bottles in the fridge with 2 sips taken out of each. :) Its bad!!

Anonymous said...

I'm a new reader...

1. At least it is not 99 bottles of beer on the wall...


99 bottles of water..

good for you.

2. Funny how every bottle of water seems to have the same amount of "backwash" left in it...I do that too, with my diet coke. I never finish the last sip.

Kelly S.

Leigh Ann said...

Oh no, I think I have WBCD, too! :) Just found you through Kelly. Such funny writing! I'll be back to visit again!

Lauren said...

This looks strangely familiar!!

Linda said...

No Child Left Behind! Cracks me up. Oh, this abandoned water bottle problem is a thorn in my side daily because my 15 year-old girl is notorious. I feel as if I'm looking into her future here when I read your post. Oh well. At least it will be her home, not mine!