Wednesday, October 28, 2009

a halloween warning

Dearest Trick-or-Treaters,

Please accept my sincerest apologizes ahead a time for the LAME bag of pretzels you're about to receive. I know, I know you can text all your friends in kindergarten and tell them what a terrible neighbor I am. But you see I was standing in line at Wally World with a huge cart of groceries when I realized I needed something to hand out and to avoid making a second trip to Wally World I grabbed the nearest thing to me.

Hence, the halloween shaped pretzels.


So, friends what are you handing out this year? It has to be cooler than pretzels!!


agent99 said...

Due to a ridiculous weight gain, I have gotten NO treats this year. Gotta hold out till H-1....and I bet all that will be left are the blechy candies like Mars Bars and Almond Joy. Or Smarties & those nasty MaryJanes if I'm lucky. Good for my booty, but the kids will hate me.

Mom to Gen & the Foo

Lauren said...

Oh, hilarious!!!!! :)

mk said...

Boo for being the lame house this year! Oh well, at least it isn't pencils or something like that.

I will be a DC tourist for Halloween. Trick or treating in NYC is very different anyway. Kids go to stores, parties, and perhaps around the building if they live in a high rise that is hugely kid-populated. Weird though, right?

Whitney said...

Some kids like pretzels, ha! We are doing a Nestle assortment!