Thursday, September 20, 2012

bye bye birdie

I ran into Kroger the other day.  And when I say ran in, I literally mean ran because grocery shopping falls on about #4 on my list of things I dread.  As I walk through the first sliding doors, you know where the carts and the giant hand sanitizer wipes (thank you Kroger for that) reside, I'm heading towards the second set of sliding glass doors when all of a sudden I see something fly by my head and then hear a loud thump.

I'm like what in the world.  I look back and see a black bird flailing on the ground.  Apparently, the glass doors to the outside are faster than him.  I immediately thought of the recent episode of RHONY when Heather ran smack into the glass doors.  And then the word "Holler" popped into my head and reminded me how in the world Bravo let that one slide into the intro.  Seriously, could we find another exclamation in the dictionary more age appropriate?

Anyway, back to the bird.  So I run over and all these people are walking past getting their carts and you can see his poor bone and I'm like what do I do...people we need to help the bird.  I don't want to touch it because my knowledge of birds is non existent, so I walk into to the store and grab the first employee I can find because we must help the bird.  I've suddenly become a bird health advocate.

Well the guy comes out and I tell him what happened and he's like it's dead and I'm like it's still moving and he agrees and I feel it's safe that my work here is done and this bird is being left in good hands.  I grab a basket and head in to grab, ironically, a roasted bird for dinner.

About 15 minutes later I'm walking back out, past the scene of the accident, and low and behold that same guy is still there this time tying up a trash bag and dumping it into a bin. 

Yeah I'm pretty sure I know how that ended.  Oh the cruelty.  And I tell boy of my adventures later that evening and he's like what a birds doing flying around Kroger?

Good point.

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