Monday, May 4, 2009

here's some randomness

How was your Monday friends? I'm afraid this post is coming to you in list form...

1. It's May can you believe it? I love the month of May. It's my birthday month and then also the month my a/c gets to rest up before it goes full blast into a long hot summer.

2. Okay, so on that last post 4th grade teacher was just as sweet as can be, but very allergic to chalk. What are the odds? So everything I learned in 4th grade was from an overhead projector (this was during the pre-dry erase board days). Boy read that post and was like "what about the teacher and the chalk?" So thought I'd deconfuse you there.

3. I caught my first Texas fish this weekend while we were at the lake. Yes ma'am...look at that.

That would be boy holding up that fish. There's no way I'd put my fingers in it's mouth. Oh and Big Daddy put the worm on the hook so pretty much all I did was sit there holding a pole. Does that count as fishing?

4. I'm ready for the swine flu to take a hike.

5. I'm loving this magazine.

My second issue came today so I'm going to curl up on the sofa and get hungry looking at it tonight. They have some great recipes in it.


Heather said...

You and I have some of the same randomness today....and both of our b-days are in May!!!!

Rebecca Jo said...

How the heck would you even get that burger on that magazine in your mouth? That thing is HUGE!!!!

Lauren Kelly said...

Way to go girl on catching that fish, and yes, holding the pole is TOTALLY classified as fishing :)

Carrie said...

I am going in search of that magazine! I love your fish! And yes in my book that does qualify as fishing.