Tuesday, May 19, 2009

bringing it to the blog

Hey there pug or little dog owners...I need some recommendations.
I'm in a search for a good harness for pug. He has just a cheap nylon one but he hates to wear it because it's kind of bulky and I hate putting it on him because you can never tell which strap goes where and before you know it we both give up and walk away defeated.

So, if you have a harness that you just love do share.

Thanks friends!


Kaitlin said...

For my puggle I use a step in harness that is really easy for him to step into and is comfortable. It is about $9.00 at Petsmart.

Anonymous said...

Lots of Pug Owners love the:

Puppia Harness that can be found for less on Ebay or more expensive through online speacialty stores.

As well, you could check out the Buddy Belt.

Nicole & Sadie the Pug

Marie said...

My old roommate's puggle used the Puppia harness that another commentor suggested. I think it worked well.

And Happy Birthday!! Love you!


Page said...

I think I use one of those nylon harnesses you talked about. Poor Winston is so used to it that he has actually SHOWED people how to put in on him (cause they are confusing!) He knows what hole to put his head in and this promptly lifts his left leg for the harness to slide through! LOL! I've never tried it but heard great things about the Puppia.

fortyb4forty said...

My pugs each prefer different harnesses. Also,now that they are older we don't have to use it as often.
I like the puppia harness the best.

Natalie said...

I know a lot a people love the buddy belt -- when we go to the pug meet ups, there are tons of them.

But I couldn't go for the $90 - plus the $10 for the soft arm bands.

So we got the Vest harness that doubles as a seatbelt. And Dahlia doesn't love it, but I love the seatbelt concept. We use the leash a lot -- and usually take her to off leash areas anyway.

Whitney said...

Ida Claire doesn't wear one. I think I would have to admit her to therapy if I put one on her. Sorry I'm no help on this subject!