Monday, July 18, 2011

tis the season

Tis' the Season...for me to start on our Christmas shopping.

Hobby Lobby reminded me of this over two month ago when they started decking aisles.  They never a miss a beat being first to remind everyone.

Then mama reminded me during one of our daily phone conversations that I had to yet to start bugging everyone with questions on what they wanted this year.

Goodness, I best get myself and my list in gear.

I like to get my shopping out of the way for a few reasons:

1. my sanity
2. lack of personal space at mall during the November & December months
3. more time left for Falala Lifetime.

But I'm kind of stuck on gift ideas.  I love coming up with stuff that I know the person will really love and use.  Last year I came across this site, That's My Pan, and it was the perfect gift.  Everyone that I gave it to loved it, but now I need something just as cool.  So I'm curious what was your favorite gift to give out last year?

And the countdown begins, 5 months people!


Payton said...

My mom is like you and tries to get things done ahead of time so she's not rushed, but all I hope is that more time gives her no excuses for not getting me tons of toys! I love opening presents! Does Pug? Anyway, she says she seems out of good ideas this year too. Wish we could help more. If you have any inspirations, let us all know.

Whitney said...

I'm usually started by this time of the year, too. I love that Hobby Lobby has stuff out - I'm telling you there will be a time in just a couple years where they keep it out year round. *shudder*

The Bonjour Four said...

I saw that in hobby lobby the other day too and I couldn't believe my eyes. Christmas decor in July? Does it always come out that early? Anyway, I'm like you and do like to get my stuff done ahead of time so I can Just enjoy the Christmas season. Hmmm last year I did a lot of shopping on etsy. Thinking this year I might give from the etsy shop just.lovely.things. Cute cute stuff! Good luck on your shopping!

Rebecca Jo said...

I just threw up a little... Christmas? Oh geez...

I do like your gift from last year - I may have to remember that for friends this year! Order a few each month may make it easier on the pocketbook too.

One year, I got on Etsy & got those key chains with the wristlets that you can monogram the names. I got every woman I know one of them & all the girls in my youth group. I asked the lady if I could get a discount since I was ordering so many - it worked out great - it was like $80 for 21 gifts! They turned out super cute too & everyone LOVED them. That was 2 years ago & I still see people with them on their wrist when they're out!

Lauren said...

Where the heck has this year gone??????

Yelena Starikova said...

thats great that you shop ahesd!! You have time to think and save big $$$!!!)

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