Thursday, July 21, 2011

floors, fraud & farkle

this week we had our floors redone in the living and dining room.  this came to be after we decided the carpet needed to go because of boy's sinus problems (we don't want to do surgery again), my bissell on it's last leg because of pug's lack of ability to use the backyard to potty and in all honesty it just looks pretty.  they assured us it would take a day, so boy had the day off to help me with the puggies and we all camped out upstairs while they redid it.  we also played farkle to pass the time and i think it's become are new favorite game.  have y'all played it?  at about 9:45 pm with the racket still going on downstairs we realized this was not going to be just a one day affair.

so, the next day i wake up bright and early to prepare myself for day two of construction with pugs.  and of course i just happened to have a doctor's appointment scheduled that day, and since it was under 24 hours notice i had to pay (bummer).  as i'm wrangling the pug's together to head upstairs my credit card company called to inform me their was some fraudulent activity on my business credit card. 

i wanted to cry.

thankfully they finished up the floors and we're so pleased with it.  i kept telling myself "so worth it for the floors" as i carried one squirmy pug at a time up and down the stairs for potty breaks in 103 degree heat.  and it so was.  i'm also thankful we talked ourselves out of installing them by ourselves.  once we got a bid from a professional and compared it with our cost for materials and marriage counseling sessions that would most likely be needed afterwards it came out to be about even ha!

here's the before: (sorry these are all from my iphone)

and the after: (my rug hasn't come in yet so it looks a bit overwhelming right now)

and one blurry one of goofy goose trying out the new floors frog style.


Payton said...

Oh my, what a day (or two)! How horrible about the missed appointment and even worse, the credit card. That happened to us once and it was such a pain to change account numbers. Well, the floor looks great! And I think even that chair looks better in the second shot...everything looks better with a pug, right?

Carrie said...

oh they look beautiful well worth the wait hard wood floors + dogs= happiness

Wilma said...

Looks beautiful! Sluggo lays groggy style too, so funny. We only have carpet on our stairs so us pugs can climb up and down them. You are going to love the floors.

Samantha @ Moody Mama said...

Love the new floors!!!

The "frog dog" picture too cute!

Page said...

Love the floors!! Also love pug "frogin it" on the floors!! Too cute.

Heather said...

Love the floors!!! We LOVE farkle! Play it a lot and the kids even play with us. So fun!

Rebecca Jo said...

You are SO smart... the Hubs & I are STILL arguing over our floors he installed - he's never finished the edging ... & that was 5 years ago!!!!

I love your floors... love the dark wood!!!

Hope your fraud was taken care of... what a sad, desperate time we live in. People are just low to do that! said...

Alright, that last one is hilarious, he is so tiny.


Jenn said...

Love the pugs. We have one of our own and she IS the queen, lying on top of couch cushions like yours is in your pictures above. :)
Love the dark wood floors! They're beautiful!

Whitney said...

Love the new floors! Love the pugs on top of the furniture, too!

Tiffany said...

Thanks for the comment and wow, your floors look great!