Monday, August 4, 2008

bloggy blues

I've got a bad case of the bloggy blues.

The 105 degree weather has sucked my brain dry...hence the random postings.

And the fact that my blog is sill buck naked looking because I don't know how I want it to look.

Oh friends the heat is truly miserable and every time around this year I ask

"why do we live in a giant sauna and not some place with a breeze?"

But then I'm reminded that you can't beat the cost of living and the simple fact that chips & queso has it's own spot on the food pyramid here in Texas.

For that I will sweat.


Natalie said...

kiss the ground that you're not paying through the roof for gas and food. for that reason we will not live here post-law school.

can I be your next door neighbor?

Kristin @ Blue Skies said...

I hear you about the bloggy blues! I feel like a kid on summer mind has gone on vacation too! I don't function well in the summer!

Erin said...

well I live in Missouri, and some friends from Houston just came up and they said it's just as hot here. Isn't it suppose to be better here??

You are not alone.

Aubs said...

I miss alot of things about texas but the summer is not on the list! And i dont' know what the reason for my blogging slump is but its there....??? Hope it cools down for you soon!

Anonymous said...

I have relatives in the Dallas area. When I was a kid, we went to a TexMex restaurant. It was my first experience with the never-ending chips-n-salsa appetizer. My god, I couldn't stop. And they just kept bringing more.

At the time, I figured there was some dude in the kitchen whose sole job was to make chips and mix dip.

Isn't it a dry heat . . . ?


Heather said...

Be thankful you aren't pregnant in this hot weather???

Carrie said...

I feel your pain it is going to be 101 here! Yuck!

Neutral Dwelling said...

Chips and Salsa-- one of my favorite food groups! :)

Natalie said...

I figured this was the best place to comment about the cute blog header?

Though I have to say, it totally made me change my mind about what you must look like. Guess that's what you get for never posting pics of yourself -- I have a mental image of you in my head.

Before, it was this edgy girl, who watched TV with her pug, went on walks and was all into going green.

Now it's an etsy-loving girl who has a house with a lot of white in it. And who likes Texas more for the low cost of living than for the culture.

Am I close at all?

Signed, the girl who is probably totally embarrassing herself!

Anonymous said...

I have the bloggy blues too! Just have too much going on!

Again...I cannot wait until you post a piture!!!

And about this weather my kids play outside for 10 minutes and then they're ready to come in it's HOT here in Texas!