Tuesday, August 5, 2008

the red suit

Save the drama for your mama in the Big Brother house...

My word I don't remember a season so full of hooping and hollering. Okay, so it's been awhile since we chatted about this season. After tonight I was like "I sooo need to hear what my Big Brother Bloggy friends thought of the madness!"

First off let's address the one we learned from tonight's episode taught by Jessie...
If you have a large back you cannot play golf (how does one know if they have a large back). Poor guy he does not think before speaking in that diary room.

Okay, now that we all feel complete with that bit of knowledge...I am so hearting Dan! I was beyond thrilled that he was named America's Player and he is doing a fantastic job..i.e. the 10 sec. hug. He so pulled that off. I'm cheering Dan on!

I mentioned in a previous BB post that this has been one of the first seasons where I have not latched on to an alliance right away. I have to say I am probably leaning more towards Ollie/Aprile/Libra/Keesha side than Memphis/Michelle/Jessie side as the weeks move on. And who knows how stable those are anyway since Memphis and Keesha are hanging out and then the whole blow up with Libra, Aprile & Keesha. Ahhh the mess.

But besides all the drama earlier let's talk about the POV and the infamous red suit. Okay, from day one I haven't been a real huge Michelle fan and tonight sealed that deal for me. We saw Aprile get her prize of 10K, which good for you, you won it, take it. She worked extremely hard to get the HOH and she was safe so for her to have to take someone off the hot seat and put someone else up really wouldn't have been that big of deal, right? Then Jerry was out. He won the letter home and he really isn't a 100% safe so he probably should have gone ahead and taken the POV to guarantee his safety, but I was really surprised when he said "Let's split the money 3 ways". What why?? She won it. Then Libra won, got the dreadful red suit and of course exchanged it. She won it all, she shouldn't be stuck with it. That did not surprise me. I was shocked that she did not take the POV or even the letter home, but the trip instead. It did throw me a little. I'm really anxious to see what Aprile & Jerry thought of that and hope that Julie asks her Thursday.


what drove me crazy was Michelle's attitude. My word it's just a game. No need for calling people names. Put a smile on your face and wear the suit.

I can't wait to see who is going home Thursday. My dad was commenting on how he hasn't seen a season where no one votes for what they want that it's such a group vote. Totally agree. I know Aprile wants everyone to vote out Memphis, but it would really be nice to see Jessie go.

I'm sure I'm leaving out a ton, so y'all spill your thoughts.


Heather said...

Can you believe the excitement when they sang happy birthday to keesha. we were rolling on the floor laughing at how akward that was!

I really hope they kick out Jessie ... I do not like him. He thinks so much of himself!

I agree with all this group voting! it's driving me nuts!

And Michelle's attitude was completely stupid! I can't believe she got so upset and went off the way she did. Poor sport!

Kristin @ Blue Skies said...

Where to begin? (By the way, I haven't been this addicted to BB since Kaysar, Janelle, and Hurricane Howie! Loved them! And, I love that you blog about it!)

Love Dan!

Jessie comments about his back?!?! Hubby and I just looked at each other and rolled our eyes.

I don't blame Libra one bit for taking the trip! Jerry already had the POV and he said what he was going to do with it. Good for her for taking the trip.

Don't get me started on Michelle! After her attitude about the red suit, I wish she had to wear it for 2 weeks instead of one. She knew from the beginning of the game that the winner had dibs on whatever prize they wanted.

OK, enough ranting for me! Ah, I feel better! :)

Hipmomofboyz said...

Last night was so exciting on BB. This season was a little slow to get me hooked. I have always been a BB loyal watcher, but this season just did not do it for me, that is until last night...Wow that was so yelling. I think Jessie is just stuck on himself. Have you noticed how he looks at the cameras?? Dude, just a bit stuck up. Libra should have taken the trip so did win and Michelle needs to take a chill pill,she lost,so put on the red suit and be quite.

Carrie said...

I have to agree with everything you said I didn't like Dan at first but now he is my favorite.

Jessie needs to go he is so full of himself I can't wait to see what happens tonight my whole family is hooked on it!

Allikaye's Mama said...

I was laughing so hard when Dan did the 10 sec hug! Ha! And I am on the team April/Ollie too! This season seems like they are all a little short fused! They are blowing up at the drop of a hat! Oh how fun! You know...we should try out for the next BB!! We could be "bloggin' friends" team! hehehe!