Sunday, August 17, 2008

olympic randomness

1. I love the Olympics! I heart the summer Olympics just a tiny bit better than the winter because gymnastics and swimming are way fun to watch.

2. The sound of Bob Costas voice has echoed throughout my house for 9 days none stop. We consider him family now.

3. Speaking of sounds does anyone else have the Olympic "theme" tune stuck in their head..."buuuuum....buuuuum..bu bum bum bum bum"? It's rather catchy.

4. I cry a lot and I mean a lot during the games. Like when they show the parent's bawling their eyes out when their kid wins or when they do stories like this or this. Tears are just so darn contagious.

5. Dara Torres is a rockstar. To have a 2-year-old, be 41 and win like she has...very inspiring. I'm thinking I may still have a chance at a gold. Let's see that gives me about 15 years to train. Now where do you get the suit?

6. Or if all else fails I can ask the neighbor kids if I can borrow their trampoline for training. The trampoline competition was seriously a highlight with us.

7. How much does it cost to feed Michael Phelps a day? That's some serious caloric intake my friends.

8. Boy has a friend's brother who made it to Beijing in track. Kind of a big stretch in knowing someone, but hey it was a blast to jump up and down cheering for him Saturday night.

9. I'm running out of Olympic randomness.

10. The commercials promoting The Office and 24-Hour Fitness leave me in stitches every time.


Aubs said...

I also LOVE the olympics! It brings back so many memories of growing up and watching them with my family and now to have my own family to cuddle on the couch with and watch is soooo fun!! Swimming, Diving and Gymnastics are some of our favorites but honestly...i can pretty much watch whatever they are showing! It is just fascinating to hear the stories behind the athletes and to think of how incredibly hard they all work to be there!!

ShortOne said...

I LOVE the summer Olympics too! (I like the winter Olympics, but the summer O is the best!)

My favs are swimming, gymnastics & around here we love to watch the beach volleyball (both mens & womens). But we have enjoyed watching it all (even the crazy marathon that lasted way too long for TV!)

I didn't miss a single Michael Phelps or Dara Torres swim - they rock! And love our gymnast girls - they are awesome! GO USA!

Anonymous said...

I stayed up until 1:30 am last Thursday watching the women's gymnastics all-around. Most of my co-workers went to bed right after it was revealed that Nastia won the gold but I had to stay up and watch the medal ceremony to see if she would cry. I was exhausted at work the next day.

Michael Phelps' diet grosses me out. He eats so many carbs. I love my carbs but not that many at a time. My favorite swimmer is Aaron Piersol. He's my age, cute and from So CA. I think its a love match. I'm going to seek him out...

So, in short, I heart the Olympics too. I've definitely watched more this year than in years past.

- Cousin

The Gerster Family said...

We are addicted to the Olympics. It has become the normal background noise. Not lying, I have fallen asleep everynight to it being on the TV. I actually feel like something is missing when I'm at work and there are no exciting sports playing.

Oh! And the crying part. I totally cry when I see the parents, too. Like Michael Phelps' mom...such precious moments from her!

tysdaddy said...
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