Sunday, August 31, 2008

a very bad hair day

Well friends, let me give you all fair warning that you never see me on a season of "Shear Genius" ever!!

And I really mean never because the other night I learned that the equation:

Me + a box of hair color - a professional = COMPLETE DISASTER

Holy cow the horrid of what took place still haunts me.

Although there truly is no logical explanation for what I did other than I normally have to highlight this blonde hair to be seen in public and I literally woke up with an inch of roots that grew out overnight, didn't have time to get in this week to my hair gal and really wanted the roots to vanish immediately so I could walk outside again. We also had a baby being born in the family the next day and I was all like "there is no way this new bundle of joy can witness hair roots on her first day. My word things like this should be held off for little eyes as long as you can. Are you with my thinking?

So I googled coloring ones own hair and bought a box of color. Because if Sarah Jessica Parker can do it then surely I can too.

I will add in that my mom did warn me not to, but I choose to ignore that tidbit of our conversation. Because hello Sarah Jessica's mom let's her dye her own hair.

I think it only took a mere 5 seconds before I realized that this could literally be the single dumbest moment of my life. It was too late so I went for it. Boy was not home to witness Ugly Cry #1 & #2, but did walk into a hair dye tornado that overtook the bathroom and just in time to witness Ugly Cry #3.

If there are any men reading this, please make mental note of this. "Do not laugh at your wife no matter how bad the hair may look". It will take you far.

Which in turn caused Ugly Cry #4.

At this point it's late. I've got two options either wait till morning and call my hair gal and in turn get beaten over the head with a Chi for what I've just done or run to Wal-Mart and get another box and try to fix it to avoid the beating.

Oh yeah. Option #2. Because it's of course the most logical. So boy being the sweet husband that he is (and feeling bad for starting Ugly Cry #4) comes along.

I think I've finally got the perfect color that will fix the mess and we head home. I say a lengthy prayer then go to work. But no it's even worse and if you get it under the light just right it's a nice shade of Kumquat...according to Pottery Barn.

Oh the hair pain.

The next morning I called and begged my little heart out and then sat through a lecture of why I'm banned from the hair color aisle to get my lovely blonde back.

I learned a very valuable lesson.


Aubs said... poor thing! Hair is a tough one but i'm glad that your hair lady was able to help you out. My hubby knows those times when he shouldn't laugh yet he seems to still not be able to control it. Men will be men i suppose! Sorry you had to go through that but i'm glad its all better now!

Tam said...

im really, really, really sorry for laughing.

i really am!

Heather said...

I can somewhat sympathize with you. When my brother was a senior in high school he came to spend his spring break with me, a portion of it rather. He wanted to color his hair blonde so we went and bought a color kit and did it in my roomates bathroom. His hair turned ORANGE! ORANGE! It was horrible. I laughed and laughed and cried and cried. The next day I took him to get it fixed ... $100 later it looked normal. It was a horrible mistake and it didn't end there but that was just the hair portion of it.

When we got married I wanted to get a perm. BIG MISTAKE. So a few weeks after we got married I went in for a perm. It was horrible! I wanted the biggest rods so it wouldn't as much curl as it would give my fine hair a little body ... again BIG MISTAKE. I then had to get it cut off ... the first place I went didn't cut it the way I wanted but rather the way he wanted it and so i had to go to a second place b/c I hated it so much. I was in tears over this whole thing. so after the first place to get the perm and 2 other places my hair that I had grown out for my wedding was now short again and life was good. :)

Aren't hair stories fun!

Heather said...

OH. MY. Goodness. I am like you- HAVE to have my highlights and I have my appt. scheduled for this week, so I am also dealing with the roots aka "skunk hair" in this house!! :)
I have never tried to do it myself, I KNOW I would have a similar experience. Hope it gets fixed and looks beter than ever!
This was a hilarious post!

Erin said...

Oh no! At least the horrible-ness made for good blogging. :)

Anonymous said...

I clicked over here hoping for a picture.


You simply cannot make us endure this torturous post without including a picture . . .

ShortOne said...

i think many of us have done the horrible mistake of coloring our own hair - and of course ignoring the warning of those telling us not to. thinking to ourselves all the way to the color isle - "we are big girls and can figure this out, why are they thinking we can't" (obviously a trip i have taken, and shouldn't have!)

i hope it all looks better now, and at least hubby has learned one time when not to laugh!

Carrie said...

I completely understand, I called my sister who is a hair dresser asked what I could buy at the store until she could get to doing my highlights. She said NOTHING! I was like ok so when can you do it!lol

Rachel said...

This is so interesting to I work for the beauty company that sells the most hair color in the world. We do studies all the time on these "experiences" and I hate that you had such a horrible time!! Hair Coloring at home sucks and it should be so much easier than it is!!

If you ever try again - let me know and I will walk you through what to buy =)(also there are things you can buy to fix it)!!

Page said...

I've so been there, so I completely sympathize with you. And my husband would have laughed as well.

Heidi @ GGIP said...

I'm so sorry. So what did you do next?

Kathie said...

I have had my hair colored only once. My mom did it. She was tired of me being a strawberry blonde and seemed to think I would be more popular if I were a honey blonde. Instead of golden, honey colored tresses it was a glow in the dark carrot orange. I felt like Anne of Green Gables. It did nothing for my popularity! Needless to say, I have been very happy with whatever hair color nature has given me ever since. I was 12 years old by the way.
Blessings from Costa Rica

Ashley said...

For the record, I'm not laughing right now, but if there would have been a picture, I would have laughed out loud. :)

But in all seriousness, we have all done it. I dyed my hair pink once in high school (not on purpose either, just too much blonde on my naturally red hair) and my mom made me go to work with my nasty pink hair.

I hope your outcome was better on the second try!

Hipmomofboyz said...

Girl been there done that.....Always let the pros color hair, I hate how the commercials make it look so dang easy,,,right. I've had the orange hair before...

The Brown Family said...

I found your blog through my sister in law, Rachels, (aka, footballs and crowns)...anyhoo...thought I would comment on this post! I was laughing out loud! And the only reason I dare say that is because I too have experienced the same thing! Although when I went to get mine "fixed" it ended up being canary yellow...NEVER go to someone you don't know/trust to "fix" your mistakes because it can always turn out worse! I had to go to Hawaii with canary yellow hair...TRAJIC, just tragic!
Anyway, fun blog and I'll be back for more! :)

Kelly said...

I once decided to "touch up my roots' the night before I was a bridesmaid in a wedding.
I'm sure the bride loves to look at her pictures with her bridesmaid Bozo the clown - yes it was orange. HORRIBLE!

Heidi Zawisza said...

No pictures????