Thursday, June 24, 2010

miscellaneous bin

1. I missed celebrating Father's Day on my blog, but luckily we got to spend Father's Day with Big Daddy and grill him up a surf & turf dinner followed by some grilled peaches and ice cream.  Big D did request that since he went to bed early on Father's Day he should be extended an additional 2 hours of being waited on the next morning.  We all quickly denied that can only watch so much golf.  We love you dad!

2. Pug is having a slight nervous breakdown since we replaced our sofa this week.  Oh my word he's such a diva.

3. I'm sleeping better at night now that the Big 12 is staying put...welll most of it. 

4. I had a dream that Linds@ay Loh@an sold me a front load washer & dryer.  What does that mean?  So weird...although I will say she was very knowledgable in the features of the GE and LG brands.

5. And dear Land's End Canvas and your cuteness I'll take it all in a medium.

6. Oh and since so many of you have asked,  I promise I'll do a post with some details on my subway scripture sign soon.


Anonymous said...

Thank goodness Miz LL didn't sell you on a Maytag. LG all the way! Extremely happy with them at the 2.5yr point. Love being able to save the water which =$ here in CA. Poor diva Pug. Change is hard for the little four legged babies. Glad you had a great father's day! Have a wonderful weekend!

Rebecca Jo said...

I seriously have avoided moving furniture only because I knew it would freak the dogs out... how sad is that?

d.a.r. said...

Oh LEC...I love all of their clothes!!

And poor pug :(