Monday, June 7, 2010

my favorite paint color

This weekend I spontaneously decided to redecorate my office, which involved painting.   And I've learned that nothing good can come from painting when it's 100 degrees outside.  The a/c can be turned down as low as possible and chances are you're going to become extremely sassy not mention loose all feeling in your body and seriously question your ability to make wise decisions. 

We started repainting a bunch of our house in April (because I have serious wall color commitment issues), then we took a little break and I started back with the office.  I so wish I had taken a before picture of my office because I had painted an accent wall of horizontal bold stripes in two sage tones, which I have to say was so cute.  But I was itching for a change and since were thinking of selling within a year we figured sage stripes might be a bit munch for some.  So I went with my new absolutely favorite tan paint color "Relaxed Khaki" by SW and now I'm not missing the stripes at all.

I'll take a picture for you when I can muster up the strength to hold up my camera :-)  So I'm curious do you have a favorite paint color?


mel @ the larson lingo said...

We just painted the majority of our house Spanish Sand by Kelly Moore. I love it! Another one of my fave's is Ivorie by Sherwin Williams. That is what my oldest daughter's room is!

The Designer said...

My favorite was Biscuit by Farrow and Ball, So luscious you could eat it! I believe this color has been discontinued but they have other great shades too.

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