Monday, June 28, 2010

subway scripture art part 2

So many of you had asked how I made my scripture subway art, and my apologizes for taking forever to tell you.  I actually used this wonderful tutorial as an inspiration and kind of tweaked a few thing here and there.

I'm not super handy with tools and wood so I used just a simple piece of medium density fiberboard...or faux wood.  It's a little cheaper (about $9) and the end result turned out just fine.  I had it cut down at Home Depot for free then came home and primed it.

I loved her idea for creating the stenciling, but unfortunately it is so humid here I had a really huge problem with getting the letters to stick.  Next time all though it'd be a little more time consuming I might trace and hand paint.  Also, I think it would look super cute to get some stencils like these for a different look    I used a beige/gray spray paint for the top coat, then because mine looked funky (not a good funky) once I peeled the letters back I spent a good time touching up each letter.  Then to give it a more distressed look and hide the imperfections the humidity caused I pulled out my sander and roughed it up.  Finally, I went back and brushed on and then wipped off my favorite glaze Ralph Lauren Tea-Stained to finish it off.

If I missed something don't hesitate to ask.  


sara said...

Oh, before I forget, in response to your comment on my blog about shampoo and conditioner - I use Pantene, but I've heard awesome things about the Moroccan shampoo and conditioner, as well!

Cheryl said...

oh this is wonderful. thanks for sharing how you did it.