Wednesday, July 30, 2014

recycling the soundtrack to my life

We had to take everything down from the attic when we had a water softener put in last week.  Not super fun to do when it's 100 degrees outside, but we used this opportunity to do a major purge on some junk that shouldn't have even made the last two moves.  It feels good.  Those college textbooks we held on to because it literally felt like throwing out hundred dollar bills.  Gone.  Christmas Decor I didn't put up last year.  Gone.  My rather large CD collection aka my life's soundtrack.  Gone. Eek!

This last one was not so much my idea.  But I got tired of hearing my husband's laughter every time he tossed another Now That's What I Call music CD into the trash and poke fun at my soundtrack collection.  What can I saw I went through a very big soundtrack phase in high school.  Borderline intervention from Hastings.  But no worries I've come to terms that it's been years since I've used a CD since everything is downloaded these days.  I did steal back from the trash my very first CD I ever bought...the Free Willy Soundtrack.  5th grade.  Good times what can I say.  So I'm curious do your remember your first CD?  You must share!


Payton's mom said...

My first music purchase was in the form of a cassette tape! I think it was Madonna.

Rebecca Jo said...

Let's play "how old are you?" -I remember my first ALBUM! Stryper! haha!!!!

Charlie the Pugster said...

I am storing a huge collection of my daughter-in-laws' CDs!

Row. said...

My first album was Duran Duran
My first cassette that I remember was a gift: Rick Springfield
My first cd was depeche mode
And I know ive had 8 tracks but can't remover any artist oh no I'm old