Tuesday, August 19, 2014

shop til we drop

I took advantage of a cloudy day yesterday to run to Fort Worth and do some shopping.  Cloudy weather equals 99 degree temps instead of 105.  Makes it a little more bearable loading and unloading a baby in the car. 

Anyway, Declan's eatting like crazy these days.  You cannot walk to the pantry without this kid on your heels begging for something.  Add the pugs to the mix and we now have three little beggars at your feet.  First stop Babies"R"Us to pick up a few things.  We discovered these Plum Organics Fiddlesticks a few weeks and Declan loves them, but of course their hard to find.  Babies"R"Us carries them so I tried to sneak a stockpile into the cart while he wasn't looking.  Didn't happen.  You can't put anything past this kid and before you know it we had our first moment of having to bust out a food item right there in the aisle to avoid unwanted attention.  This kid could live off Fiddlesticks if I let him. 

Then we headed to the mall to do some shopping.  Declan is the best shopping buddy.  As long as were moving and have snacks on hand he does great.  I'm super thankful for that!  We made a stop at Stride Rite to get fitted for some shoes.  I have to be honest I was totally clueless in this department I thought I could just buy cute shoes.  Thanks to some mommy friends I learned there's more too it so little man got some new proper kicks.  He was a big fan.

Last stop Trader Joe's.  I'm a sucker for their new items on display to try.  We ended up with this to try for a stir fry.  I have high hopes.  

 I learned quickly to be really intentional in my outings and know right now we can only get in about 3 stops before we are flat out done.  You can tell loading up the car we are done here.  This kid has had it.

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