Saturday, May 25, 2013

weekend randomness

Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone!  A huge thank you to all who have served or are serving our country and the families at home supporting them.  We are so humbled and grateful for your sacrifices.  I thought I'd wrap up this weekend with some random thoughts since I'm struggling to make cohesive sentences these days.

1.  I hit my all time low this week with pregnancy brain when I checked out at Kroger's self checkout and when it asked if I wanted cash back on my debit purchase I hit yes.  Then 20 minutes later at Chick-fil-a realized I never grabbed said cash.  Ugh!  With a hot car full of groceries and my lunch I waddled back into the grocery store fairly certain it would be gone, but would be too ticked at myself if I didn't try.  The self checkout lady spotted me and said "forget something".  Praise the Lord it was returned.  Super grateful for the person that turned it in.  With the combo of pregnancy brain and the heat I'm a bit worried about myself.

2.  After all my years and orders off I got my first scam.  I had contacted someone about making Declan's crib bumper and we got a design in place and I mailed off the fabric to him/her.  I've now learned this business was a scam.  I'm usually so careful about spotting this, but boy this person had me fooled.  Who's out their making scams on custom baby bedding, seriously?  I've reported it and filed it with etsy.  We shall see.  Just breaks my heart.  So word to careful.  But I still adore etsy :-)

3.  Anyone have a breech baby before?  It really started to get painful over the last few days.  I can feel his head just hanging out in the rib cage.  Laying flat on the floor is about the only comfort I can get which isn't awkward at all.  I've spent the afternoon googling wive's tales on turning breech babies.  Anyone have any experience on this?

4.  While I've been hanging out on the hard floor I have finally started "Scandal" on netflix.  So far enjoying it.  Not as good as some dramas, but better than others.  I'm also a tiny bit obessed with her wardrobe.  "Downtown Abbey" is next on my's been there for awhile.  Oh and loving "Motive" too that premiered this week.  Thank goodness for because I finally had to pause it and find out where I have seen the main character chick before.  She was on "The Killing" so thankfully that mystery got solved because it was driving me crazy trying to place her.  And very thrilled for "Arrested Development" tomorrow!!  Any other shows I should check out this summer? 

Have great weekend everyone!  


Aubs said...

I LOVE Rookie Blue on ABC ~ super excited that it started this week!! And I'm insanely excited for Big Brother to start again ~ next month!!

Umm...only a sick twisted fool would mess with a pregnant woman's emotions like that. =( Hopefully you are able to get it straitened out!

Cracking up about the money at the grocery store ~ pregnancy brain/mommy brain is SO real and frustrating sometimes!! But it makes for some funny stories! ;)

Kodi said...

A friend was just talking about how she got her baby to flip by using whatever they tell you to do on Good luck!

Lauren said...

I'm going to watch Scandal this summer!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Downton Abbey!!! So sorry about the etsy scam!! :( I miss you!!!! XO