Thursday, May 23, 2013

the one where we take a tour

Last week boy and I took a tour of the hospital where Declan will be born.  Which let me tell you was just as exciting as it sounds.  I saw the tours listed on the website and figured this might be a wise idea, so come July we are not recreating a scene from a cheesy 90's flick where the husband does 90 mph to the hospital and then flies over the curb to the entrance barely missing the ambulance casually unloading someone then running inside screaming "my wife is having a baby!!".  I was a little disappointed to discover this is not how it's done.  I was sort of envisioning a "Nine Months" meets "Father of the Bride 2" scenario.

So, we found our group and filed in a line of waddling preggos and overwhelmed dads and began the tour with our tour guide, who bless her heart, was so enthusiastic you would have thought we were touring the Smithsonian.  Anyway, as soon as we stepped onto the labor and delivery floor I turned to boy and asked why the room was spinning.  It wasn't.  It didn't help my panic attack when we ventured into an actual delivery room and while I'm focused on not hitting the floor I can see boy checking out the tv situation wondering if ESPN is part of the room package.  Thankfully, I was successful at not making a fool of myself and keeping it together.  I have a feeling the next time I'm there I really won't care.

All in all I'm really glad we did the tour.  I'm glad they offer it and it was full of great information.  Since the hospital is new to us with our move I had never been there before and now feel really confident that we're in good hands.

As we concluded the tour our guide asked if we had any particular questions about the whole process.

"Um yeah, so is this going to hurt?"

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Aubs said...

You're SO the time you are there to have him you won't care!! You're going to do so great! Cracking up about boy being worried about the tv ~ ha ~ for me this last time it was the wifi sitch. You know a girl does not want to be laid up in the hospital for a couple days with no internet! (and then i had that sweet perfect face to stare at and didn't care!!) ;)