Monday, June 2, 2008

Rejected Ron

Excuse my lack of blogging in the last week. We got hit with a big storm, which in turn wiped out the internet, phones, cable and surged a tv, xbox and sprinkler system. It was a long week.

But we got the ole' cable back up for The Bachelorette. And can we say pass the tissues? I love Jason even more after this episode. I teared up as she told him about her mom, but then when she gave him the certificate with the star named after Ty...who didn't lose it there? Mascara alert!

Okay and Twilley, although tonight I called him Twiggy because the boy needs to eat some carbs...someone please tell me why he got a rose? Not really understanding that. We had to have missed a conversation between them that radiated some sort of chemistry because I'm not seeing it.

And Ron...that boy wore me out. If it makes you sleep better at night to think you were just "not chosen" then be my guest. I'm jumping back, but I can't seem to remember the exact event that has caused him to despise Jeremy so much.

So great episode! I'm going to make a huge prediction here and say Jeremy and Jason will make the final two. I know it's early, but I've got that Bachelor gut feeling. Let me know your thoughts!


Heather said...

Love both Jason and Jeremy! I think they both have put their all into her and the process. SO GLAD that Ron is gone and I wish Twilly was gone ... he is so not for her! I actually got to watch it in real time last night!

Hope all is well for you guys. Sorry about the storm!

Natalie said...

Can someone tell me why she keeps giving a rose to the karate kid? No chemistry and he's weird. Sorry, but marriage is all about being picky if it's for forever, folks!

I love that you do this review every week.

I'm sorry about the storm -- I hope you are OK!

Allikaye's Mama said...

I am glad Ron went too! And I think it will be Jeremy, Jason, and Graham at the end? I love your post by the way! Oh, and I don't know why she keeps the chef...what's his name? Bye