Monday, June 9, 2008

Adios Robert

It's Bachelorette Monday!
3 down...6 to go...and Twiggy um I mean Twilley is resilient. I thought for sure he would be the one sent home at the rose ceremony, but poor Brian was sent packing instead. I sure wish they'd edit in some of Twilley and DeAnna's conversations, because I don't think I saw one tonight. And did he even sing a song for her?

Loved the date with Jesse, he looked adorable all jazzed up in his tuxedo. He is so I'm just afraid she may turn around and break his heart. I really don't see the connection there.

I have to admit I was glad to see Robert go. He seemed a little high on himself, but boy I didn't see it coming when she came back outside and let Fred go too. Such a sweetheart. It's first class of her to not leave them hanging, but I hate to see the good ones like Fred and Brian go.

And then the party...anyone left confused. I think it might be the way it was edited again, because I feel like we really missed what set DeAnna off. One minute everyone was hanging out having fun then the next she was ticked that everyone wasn't around her.

Still loving Jeremy & Jason. I'm ready for the hometown dates...those are always my favorites. Any thoughts.


Heather said...

I think they tried to get too much into this episode so the editing wasn't that great!

The only convo I saw Twilly have was before the rose ceremony. I have to say he is stepping it up a bit from the idiot we saw tell the story with no point back in the beginning. Still think he has to go though.

You know I saw her telling Fred bye as well. Just didn't see her connection with him ... he had one with her but she didn't have one back.

I sure hope Jeremy is the one but who knows what she will choose.

Boy & Girl said...

You're right Heather...I forgot about the rose ceremony-party conversation with Twilley.

I agree I did not see the connection with Fred either. Great guy though!

Natalie said...

Yeah -- it's a two-hour long episode and I'm still feeling like I'm missing out! Maybe that's why they had her talk at the end. Still didn't work though.

Twilley is so odd.

And I love Jeremy and Jason too! Totally thought Fred was a great guy, though he wore a lot of argyle. Love the argyle, but it might not be Deanna's style.

Boy & Girl said...

Natalie I love it...yes the argyle was a little too much. He sort of looked like he went a little crazy at the Banana Republic.

Jessica said...

You are so cute! You crack me up!! : )

Allikaye's Mama said...

I was glad to see Robert go too! He was too cocky there on the date! Let me just say...I look forward to your bachelor posts! And I am just now commenting because it was DVRed and I'm just getting to it! I agree that Jesse will get his little snowboardin heart broken!