Friday, January 4, 2008

A pugnapping

Y'all sadly I'm not much of a news watcher. Unless it's featured in People I probably will miss it. I know you all are shocked since you come here for the latest on the Presidential campaign or my views on NATO.

I did last night and was shocked by this story

You may have heard of it already if you live in the DFW area but if not a couple's pug escaped under their fence and went missing, then a few days later a letter arrived at their home from a single mother informing the couple that she had taken their pug. She reassured them it had a good home and was for her daughter for Christmas and enclosed a $20 bill.

Can you believe that? I was shocked at the nerve of this lady to steal. And $20 bucks I don't believe she has priced out pugs before. So sad for this family. My heart breaks.

We're thinking of keeping a closer eye on Pug now.


Anonymous said...

Oh my how awful.

We have a puggle named Sydney...half pug half beagle...cute as a button and so loveable. I keep an eye on her just like I did with my kids, as a matter of fact I treat her just like one of my kids LOL

Take care..glad you love YOUR baby !!

Kathy :)

Erin said...

What in the world?? Did the police make the crazy lady give it back?

Heather said...

What! That is crazy! Hope the police caught her! That is wrong on so many levels!

Anonymous said...

No way! That is so wrong! I hope they got it back!

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

My sister (Lola the pug's mom) told me this story the other night and I was shocked!

Playful Professional said...

Wow that's pretty much ridiculous. I think she has more problems than just alcohol.