Saturday, January 5, 2008

Pottery Barn Baby can do it to you

My new year's resolution is to get organized. This plan is not going so well just like my plans to work out and watch what I eat. That queso I had last night is full of calcium so we are good right?!?

I did take my first attempt at Project Organization 2008 and purchased this cute little number.

It matches my purchase and makes me feel business like...that is until you open it up and notice my outrageously business schedule. I mean a girl does need a place to right down those rather important dates when she meets up with her hair fairy who erases the evil roots. And notice my one task for the week "baby shower" is now complete.

Speaking of baby uterus skipped a beat. I love baby showers. I love babies, especially the chunky ones. Such bliss.

I came home full of baby fever and baby love when I opened the mailbox and the Pottery Barn Baby early winter 2008 stared right back at me.

Oh what sweetness.

And my uterus skipped another beat.

We do pray for that time, but I do not believe it is right now. The Lord is continuing to prepare us. Until then I'll oooh and awwww at the pottery barn baby rocker in pear damask on page 4 or the bassinet on page 24 in espresso.

I'm sure we will be graced by the presence of a whiney 3 year old at the table next to us while at dinner tonight with friends that may knock some sense into me.

Have a wonderful weekend friends!


Kelly said...

Just finished looking at that same pottery barn baby catalog. So much cuteness - how does anyone ever decide on the look for their nurseries?

Heather said...

Just remember they do not come out whiney! They learn it and you can curb it ... a bit. Some you ignore some you deal with right away! Remember, God gives us nine months to prepare for he/she to get her then you get to take it one day at a time until they move out of your home. And it does seem like just yesterday I had my first and he is now 3! Time flies! Love your organizer by the way. I so need one for my playdates :)

Tam said...

Yah, other peoples kids are great birth control!

Your uterus skipped a beat? That is so funny!

Maybe it was gas from the queso?

Ryan Detzel said...

Ah yes, these wonderful first few weeks of the year:

* Gym memberships up 1200%
* Health food sold out everywhere.
* Church attendance soars.
* Unmatched productivity at work.
* Millions spent on planning out 3 weeks of January.

Gotta love New Year's Resolution attempts.

Anonymous said...

I have that catalog on my night stand!! I wish I could afford that beautiful chair you mentioned:) Target is just going to have to do! I didn't think I was ready for kids either but it happened and now I can't remeber my life without them...I wouldn't want it any other way:)

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

Pottery Barn Baby does it to me everytime too. LOVE the damask glider fabrics!

Heather said...

Ryan wants a S.I.S.T.E.R. Pace could care less. I want a boy! We will see who gets their wish. Seriously, I just want a healthy baby but it would be easier if it were a boy since we have most things boy already :)

Funny you commented about the babystrology... My brother hates it. He doesn't want to come to my page until I change it.... :) He thinks it's weird that it's just floating around ... 24 year old boy for ya!

Kari & Kijsa said...

Darn that pottery barn!! we already have six children between the two of us..but one look does make you Then reality hits somewhere (usually one hitting his sister!!) and you think-
six is good...

...until the next issue comes in the mail!!!

kari & kijsa

mandy said...

just the THOUGHT of organizing makes me tired......